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Saturday Sporcle: Alumni Diamondbacks

With the alumni game today, let’s see how many of the longest-term Diamondbacks can you remember.

Colorado Rockies v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

All the 37 players in this one appeared in at least part of five or more seasons (not necessarily consecutively) for the Diamondbacks. So these are all names with which you should be familiar. I have to say, there are still a few on this list that I was surprised to see, but I think a reasonable target here is still 30. The hint in the third column might be of assistance. It lists the first and last season in which they played for Arizona, and the main position occupied. Note: players may have been part of the organizations in additional years, but if they didn’t appear e.g. due to injury, that won’t be included in their total of seasons.

PYW will be appearing later in the weekend, because ish95 suffered a power outage. Well, not him personally, but his abode. At least, I presume not him personally. The Facebook message was a bit vague...