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Snakes versus Redlegs

This is one of those tipping points in the season, the calm before we completely write the season off. We hoped to bounce back post the all-star break.... didn't happen, was more of a splat. Then the trading deadline came and went and we disposed ourselves of some BP assets for some small investment in the future. The bullpen then became an audition of young arms to prove themselves worthy of the show. After what we've seen, there may be additional auditions and guys have managed to play themselves out of consideration.... at least for now. Perhaps there have been some lessons learned, experience acquired. For the fans, it's difficult to find solace in the tattered remnants of a season that was so high in expectations and so low in performance.

you know, he may be clapping but he sure ain't happy
you know, he may be clapping but he sure ain't happy
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports


Yes... Our CEO was extended, the club is feuding with the owners of the stadium and the performance of the team offers few rays of hope... but perhaps we should try and remain positive and note where the performance has been better...

Jake Lamb (slump notwithstanding) has exceeded expectations (at least at the plate)

Jean Segura has managed to bounce back to All Star form

Robbie Ray is starting to round into form (I'm not sold yet, but many are, so lets go with the consensus)

Chris Owings looks healthy and has made progress at the plate

Yasmany Tomas is no longer a raging vortex of suck

Daniel Hudson is showing signs of putting his shell-shocked June and July behind him

AJ Pollack may soon return to our lineup

So, there... there are some good things.  You may feel free to add your own observations below if I have overlooked anyone


Friday: Brandon Finnegan (8-9/1.37/4.42) vs. Braden Shipley (2-3/1.67/5.45)

This is the same Finnegan that was the Royals secret weapon that had been drafted the same year.  The Reds acquired him and made him a starter once again with mixed results.  We've seen Braden exhibit the same issues that our other young arms have had, inconsistency to throw strikes.  Will we get the good Braden or the less than good Braden.

Saturday: Anthony DeSclafani (7-2/1.22/3.27) vs. Zach Godley (4-2/1.40/5.53)

Zach has benefited from some good run support, DeSclafani has simply had a quietly impressive year.  He could very well be the anchor of their staff in the future.  Will be curious to watch him pitch.  It's also the day of the legends game and a spiffy over-shirt giveaway.  Could be a good crowd on hand. The legends game is a 1430, so plan accordingly.

Sunday: Homer Bailey (2-2/1.68/5.73) vs. Archie Bradley (4-8/1.57/5.06)

Archie gutted thru a lukewarm performance his last time out, maybe he's due to shine this time out.  There's always hope, but many of us would be happy with consistent strikes being thrown.


I predict that we'll homer in Friday and Sunday's game, thereby qualifying for those tasty Jumbo Jacks and that we'll manage to acquire at least one platter of tacos and a 50% pizza.  Besides, we all gotta eat something, even if its inherently unhealthy and cheap.


The Red Legs

Joey Votto - 3.7... no one else above 1.5 with the trading of Jay Bruce.  Even young Mr. Duvall is only rating a 1.3 among the stick wielders.  With the arms, it's been Dan Straily, who leads the team with a 3.7 (and we supposedly won't see him), Raisel Iglesias has posted a 2.4 combined from the pen and starting and DeSclafani has posted a 2.1.

The Diamondbacks

Jean Segura leads the team with a 4.0, followed by Paul Goldschmidt at 3.8 and Jake Lamb with a 3.3.  The Arms... and we have Zack Greinke at 2.2 and Robby Ray at 1.6... and a whole boatload of dudes with minuses in front of their numbers.