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SnakeBytes 8/20: Bullpen is Historic

Not in the modern era (of bullpens) has a bullpen been as futile as that of the D-backs during this second half of the season

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Last Night's Game

Padres Beat D-backs on Schimpf's Two Homers
Sure was a Schimpfy outing by the bullpen.

D-backs Fall in 10 Despite Segura's Five Hits

Diamondbacks News

Heyman: D-backs Kendrick Unhappy
I think this might have been discussed yesterday, but here is the link anyway.

How Tony La Russa Can Fix the Diamondbacks' Mess
Lebowitz believes La Russa isn't going anywhere. If so, that's bad news. If Kendrick is really unhappy, it makes sense to fire the person responsible, not his underlings.

Around Baseball

Noah Syndergaard Has a Major Problem

How to Actually Make Baseball Better and Reach More Fans
Robot umps would only help if coupled with a much larger strike zone. Otherwise, for the reasons outlined in the article, we'd see every game be 15-12, and while that's fun on occasion, it's not something I'd like to see made universal, especially because the games already end way too late, especially when played in San Diego. Other than that, the improvements would be good.

Looking Ahead

A.J. Pollock will return at some point, likely in the next week or so. Have to have him back before September so he's eligible for the playoff roster, amirite? The success against the Mets likely cost the team a shot at the first overall pick, but with the Braves coming to town next week, there's still a slight chance, as long as the bullpen continues to perform at this level.