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Diamondbacks 1, Nationals 14: Diamondbacks get exercise, little else

Archie Bradley was not feeling it tonight, and Stephen Strasburg was. Diamondbacks lost another game by double digits.

Norm Hall/Getty Images

Before anything else, wanna give a shoutout to The Manhattan Dolls, who sang the National Anthem at tonight's game. They're a vocal group based out of Tucson who I have done lights for shows of theirs on a few occasions, and they're very talented and very nice people, so you should check them out when you get a chance.

Anyway, there was a baseball game, and I am supposed to write about it. Archie Bradley was the starter, and immediately got into some hullabaloo. Two walks and a single loaded the bases with one out. Anthony Rendon hit a sac-fly to make it 1-0, and then Wilson Ramos got an opposite field single to make it 2-0. Clint Robinson also had an opposite field single to score a runner from third to make it 3-0. Danny Espinosa got a single, but not opposite field, to make it 4-0. Stephen Strasburg got an infield hit to load the bases with two outs and the Nationals batted around. Trea Turner made two outs in the inning so sucks to be him, ha ha.

The Diamondbacks got one back in the bottom of the first against Stephen Strasburg, of "The Daily Strasburg" fame.. Jean Segura doubled, was moved over when Michael Bourn decided to bunt (whether for a hit or an intended sacrifice will be lost to the dustbin of history), and scored on a groundout by Paul Goldschmidt.

Rendon doubled home two runs in the second to make it 6-1. He got the first two out in the second before allowing a hit, so progress! He didn't allow a run that inning either, so hooray for lowered expectations that can be met! He allowed run number 7 with another Ramos single and that did it. 3 and 1/3 innings is... it's a choice you can make. That's the nicest thing I'll say about it.

Dominic Leone came into the game in the 4th inning. #NanoWrimoOpeners Leone proceeded to walk the bases loaded (assisted by Welington Castillo dropping a pop up), then allowing Stephen Strasburg to drive in one on a single to make it 8-1.

Just gonna hit the high/lowlights here:

- Daniel Murphy drove in a run on one knee in the 5th.

- Steve Hathaway made his second appearance. He got two quick outs, but allowed a hit to Strasburg, but considering nobody was on base, that's an improvement on this terrible curve. He got Trea Turner to hit into a Fielder's choice to end the inning. He came in for another inning, because why not? He got a 1-2-3 inning! His ERA stands at a stately 13.50.

- The Nationals are playing a lot better this year now that they got rid of their old Manager. Whatever happened to him? I hope nobody was dumb enough to hire him to a lesser position somehwhere after that debacle.

- Runs 10 and 11 came through a bases loaded double by a man with the obvious pseudonym of "Wilmer Difo" in the 8th. 12 and 13 from the next batter in Trea Turner. Randall Delgado was pitching, I think. Adam Lowen came in the game and gave up a long fly out to score Turner, who could probably score on a pop-up, to be fair.

- When did Yusmerio Petit end up on the Nats?

- Mark Melancon came in for the Nats up 13 in the 9th. Gotta really make sure you lock 'em down, I guess.

Source: FanGraphs

The Clash: Jean Segura, +4.1%
Creed: Bradley - 41.1%

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The Diamondbacks fell to 3-133,465 on the season at Chase this year. We can come back tomorrow for more of this, since free will is a lie.