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Uniform Tracker: August

We look at the various Win/Loss records of the various uniform combinations the Diamondbacks started wearing in 2016 and try to ascribe a higher meaning to them.

Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Here is the table of records for the various uniform combinations for the Diamondbacks, as of last night's game:

Uniform (Locale/Type/Hat) Wins Losses
Home/Snake/Black 4 5
Away/Snake/Black 11 11
Home/Teal/Black 7 13
Away/Teal/Black 8 9
Home/Snake/Red 0 3
Home/Red/Black 4 4
Home/Red/Red 0 7
Home/Black/Black 5 4
Away/Red/Black 5 6
Away/Black/Black 3 5
Throwback Thursday 1 2
Special Event Home 0 2
Special Event Away 2 0

We're in the slog portion of the season, so there's nothing really new to add at this point that hasn't been said before, but I'll try anyway!

-  Next Thursday will be the first Throwback game in probably years, which seems criminal, but the team probably did that on purpose.

- The black uniforms at home (as pictured) are the *only* uniform combination with a record above .500 as of last night's loss.

- I am once again pointing out the juxtaposition between the beginning of the season, wherein the Diamondbacks only won in the Teal-outlined uniforms and people noticed, to now, where the Home variant has by far the worst winning % (non red hat division)

- There was only a single Red Hat game in the past month (it was a loss, as the prophecy foretold), but their frequency seems to have gone down. Derrick Hall must be getting my hastily scrawled letters. To be fair, while they're full of conspiracies and swearing, they're still nicer than the ones the team gets from county officials.

We'll be back in Mid-September, then we'll wrap it up at the end of the season with a full year's worth of results that the Diamondbacks should look at and adjust their uniform calendar to maximize wins and minimize losses, and there aren't even any special rules that Dave Stewart won't need another GM to remind him of!