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AZ 5, NYM 7: Welcome to the Bigs, Mitch

Mitch Haniger had a night that he will never forget. The rest of the team is going to do their best to forget, however.

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I suppose the Mets were going to have to beat us eventually, and of course that happened tonight while I was at the ballpark. Things were moving along quietly for the first couple innings, with both teams not managing to score through the first three. Yasmany Tomas put an end to that in the bottom of the fourth with a solo home run, his tenth in eighteen games, to break the zero-all tie and put the Dbacks in the lead.

Don't enjoy it too much though, because it didn't last long. Braden Shipley had been getting by with less than stellar stuff all night, and it caught up to him in the fifth. T. J. Rivera singled, De Aza doubled him to third, and then Rene Rivera almost hit a home run, which ended up being caught by Michael Bourn as he crashed into the center field wall. Rivera (T.J. not Rene) scored. It didn't matter, though, because Noah Snydergaard was up to bat, and true Dbacks fashion, Shipley let him hit a two run home run, because why the hell not? Then, also just for giggles, he gave up a triple to Jose Reyes. Mike Butcher came to the mound, and it would seem that he is improving, as instead of a home run, or some other calamity, Shipley only gave up sac fly to Curtis Granderson. 4-1 Mets

It just got worse in the sixth inning. Shipley is still pitching for some reason. Kelly Johnson, yes the one who used to be ours but is now a backstabbing traitor, hit a lead off home run. T. J. Rivera got a single. De Aza doubled him home. Hale had finally seen enough. He brought in Hudson, who got the first two hitters to strike out. He did give up an RBI single to Reyes. Reyes ended the inning, though, by getting himself caught stealing. 7-1 Mets.

I'll give the offense credit. They tried. They followed up the Mets scoring three in the top of the sixth, with three of their own in the bottom of the inning. They added another in the seventh thanks to Mitch Haniger's first career RBI. He had a pretty good start, including his first career hit, a triple, his aforementioned RBI, a couple of pretty good plays in the outfield. Not a bad start.

And yeah, that's about it. It was a lot more of a blow out than the final score suggested, in my opinion. Final score 7-5

Source: FanGraphs
Welcome to the Bigs kid!: Mitch Haniger, 15.8%
Welcome to the Bigs kid...: Braden Shipley, -34.1%
Decently busy in the GDT tonight with 381 comments. MichaelMcD lead the way with 81, almost double second place Jackwriter. All present were:

AzDbackfanInDc, AzRattler, Diamondhacks, GuruB, Jackwriter, Jim McLennan, Makakilo, MichaelMcD831993, MrMrrbi, Oldenschoole, Xerostomia, aldma, asteroid, blue bulldog, coldblueAZ, hotclaws, imstillhungry95, leo7630, preston.salisbury

No CotN because I wasn't really there and I don't really want to read all the comments to find one. Join us again tomorrow for a rare Wednesday night game. Be there!