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The Week in Diamondbacks Tweets

It was the best of weeks... It was the worst of weeks... And a Twitter mystery, too.

Welington Castillo, via Instagram

But before we get to that, a mystery. Several D-backs personalities appear to have followed Daniel Hudson and deleted their accounts - which is definitely odd. Steve Berthiaume (@BertDbacks) and Greg Schulte (@GubnuhDbacks) are no longer part of the Twitter. However, other commentators, such as Tom Candiotti, Mike Ferrin and radio producer Leo Gilmartin are all still perfectly, active, so it doesn't appear to have been a broad-based edict from above. From what I can see, Steve's last Tweet was round about July 6, but it's hard to be sure. Maybe it's a social media version of that whole polo-shirt thing? Certainly odd, given how active Berthiaume was there. Anyway...

Tweet of the Week (and season, probably)

During the horrendous 16-2 pounding on Sunday, which was probably the low point of the season so far, the D-backs Twitter feed quietly went dark after posting this....

Honorable mentions

[Makes note of this for future excuse to get out of recap]

The Games in Diamondbacks Tweets

Diamomdbacks 5, Mets 3

Film references are always likely to be appreciated here. This game brought us a pair, I think both stemming from the same incident, Paul Goldschmidt'd home-run.

Diamomdbacks 3, Mets 2

Diamomdbacks 9, Mets 0


Diamomdbacks 4, Red Sox 9

Diamomdbacks 3, Red Sox 6

Diamomdbacks 2, Red Sox 16

The Week in McCarthy Tweets