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Diamondbacks 2, Red Sox 16


Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

If you thought Friday's game was bad, this one made that look like a close-fought and competitive struggle. Zack Greinke had one of the worst starts in his entire career, lasting only five outs like Patrick Corbin did, but allowing an even worse nine runs, all of them earned. He gave up 10 hits to the 15 Red Sox batters he faced. Dominic Leone was - and I can't believe I'm writing this - adequately acceptable, tossing 2.1 innings of one-run relieve. But Adam Loewen may have punched his ticket to the minors, giving up five runs in one-third of an inning. The bullpen did keep Boston off the board in the final three innings, though you wonder how much they were trying, being 15 up after five.

The Diamondbacks offense mustered a whole two runs, both driven in by Michael Bourn. He had a pair of hits, including his third home-run of the year in the fourth inning. He was the only Diamondbacks hitter to reach base more than once. There's painfully little more that needs to be said after this contest. I'll just leave this here:

Beercap will be along in a bit, presuming Turambar hasn't died of alcohol poisoning by the middle of this one.