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Diamondbacks 2, Red Sox 16: Sunday (Not-so) Funday BeerCap

Getting right back on that on-ramp again........

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Record: 48-69. Pace: 66-96, Change on 2015: -10.

Beer 1: Undercover Cucumber
  • After a fun evening watching an arena football playoff game it's time get going once again with a brunch and a beer at OHSO. Much deserved and much needed I assure you.
  • Needed a little hydration after the bike ride, and the next best thing to cucumber water is cucumber beer. Such refresh, much relax.
  • Seems like a typical series of 2016 Dback events: Look really good on the road against a playoff team, raise hopes, then crush hopes in the subsequent series after that good one. Sound about right to you all?
  • Segura, seriously the best thing going this season, get himself a lead-off double to the surprise of no one who have been following this season in any capacity. He's a hitting machine.
  • Segura's efforts are all for naught as Porcello (like the mushroom?) goes 1-2-3 after him. Poor Segura, all alone in his awesomeness...


My bad, it's portobello, not porcello

Beer 2: OHSO Hoppy IPA
  • Can't keep hops out of my system for too long, it's a curse.
  • Apparently the Dbacks can't keep losing out their system either as Greinke gives up a 2run later tatter that leaves Fenway. Good times. 0-2 BoSox.
  • 1-2-3 go the Dbacks again in the 2nd. This game already has the feel of a quick pitchers duel. Might not even make it to a 4th beer. Oh well.
  • Greinke just can't quite skip a beat in the suck department. 3hits later in the bottom of the second and it's now 0-3 and still NO OUTS. My bad, better make that 4 consecutive hits, still no outs, and no 0-4.
  • At least Greinke helped make the first out at the plate as he zips a come-backer to Gosewisch, who in turn punches the runner in the face with his glove to get the out. I'll take it.
  • Good feelings, like most positive things this season, are short lived as Greinke gives up another HR, this time a 3run bomb. 0-7 BoSox.
  • Annnnnnnnddddd.....another HR. Wheels have not just fallen off this game, they've been torn off my Space Marine Dreadnaughts and then vaporized in purifying fire of their flamers. 0-9 BoSox

hope gone

Pictured: Hope being crushed.

Beer 3: Midnight Prince black IPA by OHSO
  • Well, our "ace" just got pulled after 1.6 innings. Glad tidings I say, glad tidings indeed. In other news, has anyone seen those O'Donovan brothers interviews at the Olympics? Hilarious.
  • OHSO really is good about mixing up their styles, and when watching a depressing game like this it's good to have 21 options to choose from to help me forget this team.
  • Our "ace" replacement Leone seems to understand this thing called pitching just a bit better. The 3rd inning was certainly less nightmarish than the other two proceeding it.
  • Bourn helps put a smile on my lugubrious face (yes that is a word) with a solo shot. Seems futile, but as a Dbacks fan I'll take what I can get.
  • Big Papi. Say what you want, but that guy will be a first ballot Hall of Famer and certainly one of the most beloved Red Sox's ever. Gotta respect that big dude.
  • Leone's position now is unenviable, so I can't give him too much shit, but he allows another run in the 4th bringing that BoSox score to a nice even 10. 1-10 BoSox.....yay
Beer 4: Sabbath Session IPA by OHSO
  • I used to think session ales were for the weak, but they've grown on me recently. For those of you that done know a sessionable beer is one that is made intentionally less strong but is supposed to have the same flavor profile of the normal beer style. Think of it as a brewers challenge; he must made something 2%-4% less strong than the real thing, but taste like the real thing.
  • Holt in to replace Leone proceed to give up 4 more runs. Really, why even bother sending in more of our pitchers now. It's pretty clear that they're clueless. Put in Tomas, I bet you an Indian Head Nickle he'd at least get through one inning without giving up a run. FML. 1-14 BoSox.
  • Delgado then replaces the hapless Holt, which is funny because Delgado is mostly hapless himself. Such a fun season.....
  • Can't fault Delgado on that one as Lamb mails in a piss poor throw to Goldy. 1-16 BoSox


He'd make a solid manager I think.

Beer 5: Dragoon IPA by Dragoon
  • Last beer to help me endure the last of this abomination of a game. You all know this beer, so I wont boor you with it's description. It's good and in my time of baseball depression it comforts me.
  • I must away, my old laptop is done. It's power spent, much like my patience for this team is spent. I'll let Jim take the reigns
Bells and whistles, by Jim

I don't think Turambar missed much. There was only one further run scored the rest of the way in this one, as the Diamondbacks pulled to within a couple of touchdowns in the eighth inning. Michael Bourn drove in Brandon Drury with a two-out single for his second hit and second RBI of the game. The D-backs bullpen, managed to hold the Red Sox scoreless down the final stretch. After Lamb's error led to an unearned run against Randall Delgado, there were scoreless frames for Steve Hathaway, Enrique Burgos and Jake Barrett. Yasmany Tomas grounded into a double-play to end this, but I think that may just have been a Cuban form of ritual suicide.

And if you thought Friday's Fangraph was a flat-liner after two innings...

[Click for details at]
Michael Phelps: Jean Segura, +5.7%
Eddie the Eagle: Zack Greinke, -38.6%

Segura was the only D-back in positive territory today. I'm frankly amazed we past double-digits in the Gameday Thread, this one got out of control so hard and so fast. Credit to those who stuck it out, led by Jackwriter. The other hardy souls present were: Augdogs, AzDbackfanInDc, Gilbertsportsfan, GuruB, Husk, JTyson, Jim McLennan, JoeCB1991, Makakilo, MrMrrbi, Oldenschoole, Re Tired, Rockkstarr12, Xerostomia, hotclaws, onedotfive and  preston.salisbury.  Comment of the Thread to Oldenschoole, for correct use of the sarcasm font.

This game

is really going to throw a monkey-wrench into the DBack's playoff hopes this year.

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The road-trip somehow manages to end at 3-3, although the D-backs were outscored over the six games by a margin of 26-36. We'll see what happens in the return series against the Mets, which kicks off at Chase Field tomorrow night.