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SnakeBytes 8/14: Road Record Back at .500

After last night's loss, the Diamondbacks' road record sits at a very respectable 29-29. Let's just ignore that home record, shall we?

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There were a lot of these facial expressions last night.
There were a lot of these facial expressions last night.
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Last Night's Game

D-backs Can't Hang on, Fall to Red Sox

Bradley Making No Excuses in Loss
Remember when defense was a strength of this team? I'd lay almost all the blame (not quite all of it, but most of it) for the team getting worse on how terrible the defense is. Going from one of the best defenses in baseball to one of the worst tends to do that. Last year, the Diamondbacks were third in baseball by UZR. This year, they are 29th. Still, Bradley has to make his pitches.

Diamondbacks News

La Russa Expects Front Office Back in 2017
A few things of note in here. One, La Russa claims to not know the details of his own contract. That doesn't exactly make me think he is capable of negotiating other people's contracts. Heck, I know the terms of my contract, and I don't make six figures, let alone seven or eight. The other is that apparently a decision has to be made on Stewart and Watson by August 31st. If Kendrick really hasn't been talking to La Russa about it, and a decision must be made that soon, it doesn't look good for La Russa. Of course, remember that La Russa is trained as a lawyer and working as a baseball executive, so we should take anything he says with all the salt in the Great Salt Lake.

Diamondbacks' Rubby De La Rosa Sent for MRI After Setback
And apparently, per Twitter, his MRI is being reviewed by Dr. James Andrews himself. Time to hold off on any speculation of RDLR even being able to pitch at all next year, apparently.

Chase Field

Jason Bartel posted a new review of Chase Field on Stadium Journey. It's such a glowing review that parts of it sound commissioned by the team and parts of it commissioned by the county (every employee is great, but so is the stadium!)

Around Baseball

12 Stats About Players Getting 6 Hits in a Game
No Diamondback has ever gotten 6 hits in a game. 5 hits has happened 19 teams, most recently by David Peralta almost exactly one year ago against the Reds. (That was the disputed walk-off game, where baserunners failed to advance to the next base and had the Reds stepped on the bases in the right order, they would have had an argument for a double play.) No Diamondback has collected 5 hits more than twice, but Craig Counsell, Junior Spivey, Justin Upton, and Gerardo Parra have all done it twice. Upton is the biggest star to pull it off. Gonzo never did it, nor did any of the other "legends" in the race. On the other hand, Matt Kata, Shea Hillenbrand, and Cody Ross have done it. If no one accomplishes the feat this year, it will be the first season since 2010 in which no Diamondback has collected 5 hits in a game.

Brandon McCarthy Heading Back to DL
That's unfortunate. At least his Twitter game is still at 100%

Looking Ahead

Final game of the series in Fenway today, with Zack Greinke taking the mound for the Diamondbacks against Rick Porcello. Game is at 10:35 Arizona time.