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SnakeBytes 8/13: So That Happened

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That expression perfectly sums up Corbin's outing.
That expression perfectly sums up Corbin's outing.
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Last Night's Game

Corbin Roughed Up in Loss to Red Sox
The defense didn't help. The defense didn't serve up multiple gopher balls to Hanley Ramirez, either.

Corbin Allows 8 Runs in Less Than 2 Innings, Diamondbacks Lose

Corbin's Rotation Spot Uncertain After Blowout
And those gopher balls led to this

Diamondbacks News

Castillo's New Son Getting Healthier
Good to hear this, after the scare yesterday.

D-backs will Benefit from Long Look at Braden Shipley

Around Baseball

Blackmon Records First Three-Homer Performance
Given his track record, I'm somewhat surprised it didn't happen against the Diamondbacks

We Need to Talk About the Dodgers' Rotation
Interesting that the Dodgers have taken the route I championed a couple years back, and opted for quantity over quality. It helps to have Clayton Kershaw heading up the rotation, of course, but it might be useful for the Diamondbacks to look and realize that they don't have to break the literal or prospect bank for a #2, as long as they have enough arms.

Only Human: A-Rod, Far From Perfect, Takes Final Bow
Can we finally all agree that the guy never really fit with the Yankees? (Nor did RJ, for that matter.) Jeter, with his meticulous public image, was the ultimate Yankee: he may as well have been a statue, and I'm not talking about his defense. A-Rod was the anti-Jeter in many respects.