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Snakes versus Sox

Wellllll... there we go again, playing well on the road against a playoff contender. There's a part of me that is quite happy to see glimpses of the team that we thought we would have and there's a part of me that is incredibly frustrated that we rarely see this at home. Now, another playoff hopeful in the Sox, we accost them in their own lair, maybe we brought some hot sauce and a cactus to give to Mr. Ortiz, who appears to be beloved by those in Beantown and the network that shall not be named.

word has it that certain notorious NY crime figures have reccommended that the DBacks leave town
word has it that certain notorious NY crime figures have reccommended that the DBacks leave town
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports


It was nice to win a series, even nicer to win two in a row, especially so against the Mets and a couple of their young hurlers that everyone thinks so highly of.  Now, we face the Bosox, they're a serious team for serious fans.  I have no idea on if we caught the Mets on their way down or if there's actually some evidence of the plane being pulled out of its nosedive.  We'll have to wait and see how the lads fare against those Beantowners and then check the tea leaves once again.  While expectations are low, I hope to be pleasantly surprised.


Friday: Patrick Corbin (4-11/5.37/1.61) vs David Price (9-8/4.34/1.28)

Anyone here who doesn't think Pat is broken, please raise your hand.  Okay, now that I am writing to myself we have to wonder if Rubby comes back this year if Patrick doesn't get shut down.  I'm certainly wondering about it.  Put him on the 60 day DL with a broken psyche.  It appears that Pat's innate abilities are being held hostage by the Win Kong. Perhaps we need to send in Jack Burton.

Saturday: Archie Bradley (4-7/4.80/1.51) vs Clay Buchholz (4-9/5.64/1.54)

I think we have a shot in this game.  Call me a cockeyed optimist, but I think we're going to see a good outing from him.  I have no evidence whatsoever to back up this feeling, but perhaps I simply took a hit off of a six demon bag....

Sunday: Zack Greinke (11-3/3.67/1.15) vs Rick Porcello (15-3/3.40/1.08)

This should be an awesome game, hope we can all wake up early enough to see it and enjoy our favorite beverage of choice.


Bosox leaders:

Porcello - 3.1, Steven Wright - 2.5, David Price 1.6

Mookie Betts - 4.4, Xander Bogaerts - 3.9, Jackie Bradley Jr. 3-8

Dbacks strivers:

Zach of Greinke - 2.7... no one left on the team above one.  Although Corbin has managed to reached a -1.1 to match Mssr Miller for futility amongst our starters.

Jake Lamb - 3.5, Jean Segura 3.4 and Paul Goldschmidt - 2.9


I predict tacos and Jumbo Jacks... pizza.. well, lets wait and see.