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Dbacks 5, Mets 3: The Magic is Real

Sorry to disappoint, Jim...

h/t clefo

I'll admit, despite the magical day that it is, I didn't have a whole lot of hope for the game tonight. The Mets are basically a .500 team with a fantastic bullpean, meaning they are much better than we are. It was also Zack Grienke's first start back from the DL, which is never a phrase that inspires me with much confidence. The first inning didn't do a lot to dispel that either. Grienke wasn't bad, but a throwing error by Bourn let runners get to second and third, with only one out. James Loney grounded out to Goldy to score a run, but also record the second out. Grienke got Wilmer Flores (who I note is still with the Mets a year later) to line out and end the inning, but it was 1-0 Mets.

It didn't stay that way long. Brandon Drury took a 3-2 slider and hit it out of left field for only his second home run since June 1st to tie things up. That score did hold for a while, as Grienke spent the next four innings looking pretty much like he never left. Steve Matz wasn't looking to much worse either, keeping the Dbacks quiet for three innings, including striking out the side, in order, in the third.

Both pitchers hit a speed bump in the sixth, though. Matz gave up a solo home run to Goldschmidt to give the Dbacks a lead, and then took out his frustration on basically everything in the dugout. I really don't understand why he was that upset, though. Many better pitchers than he have given up homers to Goldy. Heck, he broke a 2-time Cy Young award winner, or at least that's what I like to pretend. Really doesn't seem like it was worth going ballistic over, to me.

He shouldn't have worried too much, though. Grienke ended up giving up two runs of his own. Curtis Granderson lead off the bottom of the inning with a double, and then Neil Walker hit his 20th of the season to give the Mets a 3-2 lead.

The top of the seventh saw the Mets very reputable bullpen take over, but it probably didn't go as they had planned. Hansel Robels took over for Matz, and promptly gave up a lead off double to Chris Owings. He then gave up a one out single to Phil Gosselin, pinch hitting for Grienke. During Jean Segura's at bat, Owings and Gosselin executed a double steal, putting runners on second and third. Segura wasn't able to do anything with that, and stuck out. Michael Bourn was up next. This... did not inspire confidence in some, but Bourn silence the haters, at least for tonight, and hit a triple, clearing the bases. He himself was then brought home, thanks to a Paul Goldschmidt single. 5-3 Dbacks

And that's where it would stay on this, the Night of Ponies. The Dbacks bullpen shut down the Mets offense for three innings, lead by one of Delgado's better outings in the seventh, a ten pitch, one strike out event, and the Diamondbacks road that to victory.

Source: FanGraphs

Ponies: Bourn 31.3%, Goldschmidt 25.1%

People who hate ponies: Grienke -21.6%

CotN? Has to go to MichaelMcD for this gem...

Michael Bourn batting
This inning is over

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Another 4:10 Arizona time start tomorrow. Ray vs. Colon. See you there!