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Trade Deadline Open Thread

Come chat and/or yell at each other about the Diamondbacks trade deadline, and MLB's trade deadline in general!

Chris Ratcliffe/Getty Images

As of publishing, there are four hours left in the non-waiver Trade Deadline. The Diamondbacks, for their part, traded Tyler Clippard yesterday, and with things seeming to die down on Daniel Hudson, may be done. Or they might not be! Who knows what machinations are going on behind the scenes at the firm of Kendrick, LaRussa, and Stewart.

Around Major League Baseball in general, some names that are being bandied about in trade rumors include Jay Bruce, Johnathan Lucroy, and even Chris Sale. It might not beat last year's deadline, where Troy Tulowitzki, David Price, Carlos Gomez, Yoenis Cespedes, Ben Zobrist, and many more were moved, but there are still four hours to go!

Use this thread to discuss any and all of that, if you so choose. Should any Diamondback-related moves happen, AZ Snakepit will be your one stop for news, analysis, and other goodies.