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SnakeBytes 7/9: Farewell, Ziggy

Brought to Arizona as the Diamondbacks were in the midst of competing in 2011, Brad Ziegler left the way he came as the Diamondbacks front office realized 2016 was going to be a fifth straight disappointing season.

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The Diamondbacks have forgotten how to Baseball
The Diamondbacks have forgotten how to Baseball
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Last Night's Game

There was a game last night. Should I really make anyone want to relive it? Here's a recap if you want.

D-backs Fast Start Not Enough vs. Giants
Before the season, if someone told you the Diamondbacks would get to 50 before the All Star break, you would have thought 50 wins, and that the team was very competitive. Instead, that number can either represent Diamondbacks losses or expected attendance when the Blue Jays are in town a week from Tuesday. How bad are the Diamondbacks? They have a losing record when leading after the first inning.

Other Depressing Diamondbacks News

Diamondbacks' Jake Lamb Loses All-Star Vote Despite Creative Campaign
One of the few things to get excited about this year down the drain.

Rectifying Home Woes a Priority for Diamondbacks After All-Star Break
This seems unlikely, as even though Dave Stewart will insist the team is not throwing in the towel until they are mathematically eliminated, trading away a couple more bullpen pieces could actually put the Diamondbacks firmly in the running for the first pick in next year's draft. Currently, the Braves hold a 7.5 game lead on that front, but I believe in this team's ability to overcome that deficit.

Red Sox Acquire Brad Ziegler from Diamondbacks
Another one of the few things to get excited about this year was Ziggy's streak, and although his streak was gone, it was still fun to see him pitch. He also likely deserved a spot on the All Star team, at least as much as Bartolo Colon, but now he definitely won't be there.

Red Sox Acquire Ziegler for Two Minor Leaguers

Goldy's Time on Twitter Almost Complete [video]

Somewhat Not-Depressing Diamondbacks News

Jose Almonte Scouting Report
From fellow SBNation site Minor League Ball last year, a look at one of our new acquisitions. He's been pitching well in the South Atlantic League, and will likely move to Kane County. Acquiring a prospect like Almonte makes it likely that the front office has realized the need to build for depth past 2019, which is a nice change of perspective.

I couldn't find much of a report on Luis Alejandro Basabe, who is the lesser regarded of the Basabe twins, but he was putting together a nice season (.310/.412/.467) at Greenville in the South Atlantic League, and will also likely head to Kane County. This scouting report from makes it seem that he'll fit right in, as "he has been caught stealing too much for someone with his speed." He doesn't turn 20 for over a month, so he's another guy who might contribute in 2020 or beyond.

Around Baseball

More Injuries Befall New York Mets

Cespedes, Syndergaard Injured
Judgment from the baseball gods for refusing to put the league leader in OPS on the All Star team? Lamb likely still doesn't make team, as he's hardly a replacement for Cespedes, although you could always put Belt in LF and Lamb in the spot the final vote should have given him.

Looking Ahead

There's a game today at 1:05 Arizona time, with Robbie Ray and Jake Peavy the starters. Most likely, we'll see the Diamondbacks jump out to an early lead, Ray give up multiple runs in the fourth inning, and the offense go into a shell. Personally, I'm hoping for a 3 home run day for Lamb, so that he'll have more in AT&T Park than Belt, and all the people who blamed Belt's inferior numbers on playing there can eat it.