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Diamondbacks 7, Padres 5: Offense Carries the Day

Zack Godley made the start tonight for the Dbacks, instead of Zack Greinke. This doesn't seem like a fair trade to me. Oh well, let's break it down, while making sure to #VoteLamb

Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Things were going... okay for Zack Godley through the first two innings. He got into and out of trouble in the first, gave up a lead off single in the second, but induced a double play to get rid of that. However, there was one thing Godley reminded us on multiple occasions tonight

Not All Zacks are created equal

Sad but true. Greinke is an ace. Godley is not. When Greinke gets into trouble, he can usually be counted on to get out of it. That wasn't the case for Godley tonight. Yes, he did get around a bit of trouble in the first, and got a double play. That wasn't the case in the third or fifth innings. In the third, he gave up two runs after giving up another lead off walk, which was brought around to score by a one out triple from Wil Myers, who was then brought in after a Matt Kemp walk by a Yangervis Solarte RBI single.

The fifth was just as bad for him, starting things off by giving a one out single to Myers. Kemp was up next and hit the first pitch he saw for a double, bringing in the RBI, and setting up Alex Dickerson for an RBI double of his own. Godley finished the inning, giving him a final line of 5 IP, 8 H, 4 R, 3 BB, and only 2 K's. He ended up in line for the win, though, thanks to...

The top of the line up

Who really did their job tonight. Any time you can get your 1-4 hitters to combine to go 8-14 with seven RBI, you're going to be in a good spot. They came through to either take the lead whenever the Padres made it on the board. When they took the lead in the fifth, it was right after Godley had been lifted for a pinch hitter, leaving him in line for the win. They took the lead for good in the fifth. That lead held, no thanks to...

Brad Zeigler

He got the wanted results in the end, but it wasn't pretty getting there. He gave up his first home run of the season to start the ninth inning off, and eventually letting the tying runs get on base. In the end, though, he got Matt Kemp to strike out to end the game and strand those game tying runners. Dbacks win 7-5, but the most important part of this game...


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Voting for Lamb: Rickie Weeks Jr. 20.9%

Also voting for Lamb: Jean Segura, 18.5%

Not voting for Lamb: Zack Godley, -20.3%

Also of note, Godley was optioned after the game, and the team is expected to bring up Zac Curtis to replace him.

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