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The Week in Diamondbacks Tweets

Not a good week for the Diamondbacks on the field. But the Twitter had its moments...

Josh Collmenter gets it.
Josh Collmenter gets it.
@dbacks, via Twitter

Tweet of the Week

It was just trying to beat the traffic...

Honorable mentions

And that, folks, is why there needs to be a minimum wage for minor-leaguers. Or something.

The Games in Diamondbacks Tweets

Diamodbacks 3, Phillies 4

Next: ish95's unused Game of Thrones headline for the recap. [I guess, technically, spoilers, but the show was over a week ago, so if you haven't watched it by now, that's your problem!]

Diamodbacks 8, Phillies 9

Diamodbacks 4, Giants 6

Diamodbacks 6, Giants 5

Diamodbacks 4, Giants 5

Diamodbacks 4, Padres 8

The Week in McCarthy Tweets

First and foremost: Welcome back to the big leagues, Mr. McCarthy. Even though you're a Dodger.