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Diamondbacks 4, Padres 8: Red, White, and Boo

The Diamondbacks lost at home again. If this surprises you at this point, I wish I had your soul as it isn't dead inside. Happy Independence Day!

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

I know this is going to be my weird Alex Jones/Chemtrails thing, but the Diamondbacks have played 9 games this year wearing a hat that is primarily red (tonight it was the special 4th of July hat with the weird white panel with the stars), and they have lost every single one of them. When I started the project to track the W-L totals of all the various uniform combinations, I thought it would be kinda fun. What I didn't expect was a descent into madness over hat color. Oh for whatever deity above to strike me with Red/Green colorblindness, so I can watch an Angels-Athletics Spring Training game in blissful confusion, but no, The Red Hat Curse(TM) persists.

Paul Goldschmidt, America's Motherf****** First Baseman, doubled home Jean Segura in the bottom of the first off of Luis Perdomo to make it 1-0. With two outs, Welington Castillo hit a ball to third, which should have ended the inning, but Yangervis Solarte decided to throw juuuuust wide of first to get past Wil Myers to score Goldy to make it 2-0. A pair of infield singles loaded the bases for new dad Nick Ahmed, but he couldn't use his dad strength to get a hit, but two runs did score, so that's cool.

Archie Bradley pitched a clean first inning. However, he created a bit of a bases loaded jam for himself in the second. Archie, gladly, got out of it though with a fly out and a strikeout. He cruised through the third, but the fourth got squiffy. Matt Kemp beat the shift with a sort of half-swing, and Solarte hit a monster homer to tie the game up.To his credit, he got through the next three hitter out without any trouble.To his discredit, the hitter before those three still happened.

In the bottom of the fifth, Michael Bourn was on first base with two outs and Jake Lamb up. He tripled home Bourn to make it 3-2

That didn't last long, as a leadoff walk followed by a Matt Kemp double tied it right back up at 3. Bradley got two outs and could have been on the verge of getting out of the inning cleanly, but he let Derek Norris homer, on a 3-0 pitch which wasn't very nice of either of them and the Padres lead 5-3. That did it for Bradley.... for this game, not forever I hope.

The Diamondbacks got two runners on in the seventh, the first two, even! Brad Hand relieved Perdomo and got Goldy to strike out looking on a pitch that was a strike, and then Jake Lamb looking on a pitch that wasn't a strike.

Start tangent now.

I get why pitch framing is a good skill to have for a catcher (I'm also miffed none of our catchers are good at it), but it is predicated SOLELY on the fact that umpires seem to be too dumb to have any spatial awareness of the strike zone and where the ball goes. The Lamb pitch that struck him out was well inside, but Norris never moved his glove, so obviously umpire brain went like this "MONGO SEE CATCHER PERSON NOT MOVE GLOVE SO OBVIOUSLY MONGO CALL STRIKE." Welington Castillo flew out to end the inning which, if we're Butterfly Effecting here, would have scored Segura from third.

End tangent now.

Derek Norris made another RBI happen for the Padres in the eighth off Daniel Hudson to make it 6-3. And then another one by a thing with the last name of Schimpf to make it 7-3 and blah blah another to make it 8-3.

At this point of the game I went outside to see things blow up. It doesn't do much for me anymore. Oh God, I'm so jaded, I blame the Diamondbacks 2012-Now. Apparently Derek Norris went out of the game with an injury I assume? Also a run scored on a sacrifice fly. 8-4 is the tally. That was the final score also.

Source: FanGraphs
Declaration of Independence, pre-Nick Cage: Segura, +16.6%'
The Madness of King George: Bradley, -35.5%

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Don't despair, tomorrow against the Padres Zack G pitches! Just, uh, not that one. Hoo boy.