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Diamondbacks 3, Dodgers 14

The D-backs actually had a three-run lead at one point in this.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona started well, scoring a run without a hit in the top of the first, largely thanks to an error as Jean Segura stole second, allowing him to reach third. He came home on a Jake Lamb groundout to get Arizona on the board first. Patrick Corbin wobbled through a shaky first inning, but kept the Dodgers off the board through three, and Arizona then added two runs in the fourth. The first came after a pitch was lodged in the LA catcher's equipment, and this was followed by an RBI single from Chris Owings.

Unfortunately, the 3-0 lead wouldn't stick, as a Jake Lamb error led to three unearned runs off Corbin in the bottom of the fourth. He allowed the go-ahead run in the fifth, and the flood-gates really opened against the "new" D-backs bullpen. Both Dominic Leone and Steve Hathaway coughed up three-run homers - the latter making his debut, as the Dodgers scored 14 unanswered runs. The Diamondbacks managed only three hits on the afternoon, with Lamb getting one and a walk. They made almost as many errors, and if this is the post-Clippard bullpen we can expect to see, we should probably stock up on anti-emetics.