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Tyler Clippard traded to the Yankees

The Great Bullpen Sell-Off(TM) continues in earnest.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

And the reformation of the Diamondbacks bullpen is still ongoing, as is normal Trade Deadline madness. Tyler Clippard has been traded to the Yankees, who earlier just traded Andrew Miller to the Indians. The return is unknown at this point, but it seems like an odd deal for New York, who seem to be in the midst of selling.

As noted above, Clippard was signed in the offseason by the Diamondbacks on a two-year deal, so the Yankees will have control of him next year as well. Clippard put up a 4.30 ERA in 37.2 IP for the Diamondbacks. Clippard returns to the place where he began his Major League career in 2007.

We'll update you on the return as well as any other possible Trade Deadline moves as the day progresses.

UPDATE: The return is RHP Vicente Campos. He has risen from High-A to AAA this season and is ranked 14 on MLB's Yankees prospect list