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SnakeBytes 7/31: Not the Deadline

Although today is the traditional date, the deadline has been moved to tomorrow so as not to fall on a weekend.

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Last Night's Game

Shipley Earns First Career Win as D-backs Beat Dodgers
That was nice. Six shutout innings, no complete bullpen meltdown (although there were some nervous moments as Barrett worked the ninth.)

Diamondbacks News

Collmenter Surprised by Designation for Assignment [video]
As were we all, I think. By 4 pm (EDT) tomorrow, it's possible that Goldy will be the only member of the 2011 team still around. Collmenter was certainly a leader and one of the bright spots on the team from 2011-2014. He started to struggle in May of last year and has yet to get it figured out. It seems certain he'll be released if he clears waivers, as it's pretty likely that if the Diamondbacks had been interested in keeping him, he would have agreed to being optioned. Seemingly, they didn't ask.

Stewart: We're Going Younger in the Bullpen [video]
This seems a curious explanation, given that he just sent down/designated a 30 year old and a 23 year old, calling up a 32 year old and 25 year old. Sure, the bullpen is now younger in terms of experience, but that's the only way.

Jake Barrett to Get Shot at Closer's Role

Stewart: A Ton of Interest in Shelby Miller
What does he mean by this? Is someone offering a ton of napkins? A ton of collectible helmets? A ton of Bluth bananas? The question is, did Gob mail the insurance check?

Collmenter Out as D-backs Look to Future

Trade Deadline News

Nationals Acquire Elite Reliever for Relative Bargain
As it seems the Diamondbacks are not shopping Clippard, one wonders what he would fetch on the market, given that he has an extra year of control.

Padres, Braves Exchange Toxic Assets
Toxic in this headline, I hope, has two meanings. Because while Kemp can hurt his team on the field, Olivera hurts a lot more than his team with his off the field actions. Kemp is merely the product of a bad front office decision; Olivera could be facing jail time, and has already been designated by the Padres.

Five Potential Landing Spots for Yasiel Puig
Ah, yes, the Cuban sensation that inspired other teams to go out and sign their own Cuban sensations, except that too many of them (see: Tomas, Yasmany and Lopez, Yoan) couldn't or wouldn't play either at all, or the position their team hoped to fill. He's long since worn out his welcome in LA, and they would love to deal him. To add insult to injury, he's also a lot cheaper than Tomas...

Lucroy Traded to Indians
Well, the Indians and Brewers have agreed, anyway. Lucroy apparently has yet to void his no-trade clause, but that is likely a formality, as he has said that he wants to play for a contender, and the Indians fit the bill. The Indians give up a big package, but they could get some of it back by trading either Lucroy or Yan Gomes during the offseason.