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SnakeBytes 7/30: Trade Market Edition

With two days until the deadline on Monday, rumors are flying apace and some of them concern Diamondbacks. One wonders, though, what Daniel Hudson or Shelby Miller might fetch at the deadline?

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Leone pitched in this game. He performed better than two other relievers.
Leone pitched in this game. He performed better than two other relievers.
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Last Night's Game

D-backs Can't Hold 4 Run Lead, Fall to Dodgers
Those seven-run seventh innings aren't all they are cracked up to be, that's for sure.

Diamondbacks Bullpen Implodes in Loss to Dodgers
People are willing to give up actual players for these pitchers? Make the deal and don't ask questions, I'd say.

Diamondbacks News

Zack Greinke's Rehab Start in Mesa [video]
Watch the decisive pitch of each at-bat here.

Jake Lamb: Lower Hands, Higher Production

Trade Deadline News

Heyman: Giolito Not Enough for Yankees to Trade Miller
How crazy have the trade deadline prices gotten? This article details what the Yankees have been asking for Miller. The fact that the Nationals offered Giolito is crazy enough. That also serves to explain why the Diamondbacks still have hope for at least some return for Daniel Hudson, despite his severe drop in performance. The rent, to paraphrase a famous New York City politician, is simply that damn high.

Heyman: Rangers Talking to Phillies About Velasquez
The Diamondbacks need to watch this with interest. If a team is willing to give up multiple prospects for Velasquez (who has a poor health track record) it might be time to sell on Patrick Corbin or Robbie Ray. Probably not, but if the price is high enough...

Rangers Could Take an Indirect Path to Improve Starting Rotation
It would be interesting to see just how much Lucroy could improve that rotation.

Braves Talked to Brewers About Lucroy
The sooner a Lucroy trade is made, the better for the Diamondbacks, as a team that loses out on Lucroy might be interested in Castillo, and there's no way Castillo clears waivers. There's also no way Lucroy clears waivers, so a deal is going to be made there pretty soon, or teams will be getting desperate and maybe calling the Diamondbacks anyway.

Diamondbacks Receiving Multiple Calls on Pitchers Ahead of Trade Deadline

Finding a Fair Price for Chris Sale

There is bound to be more trade news throughout the day, so keep an eye on this spot for additions. If major news involving Diamondbacks happens, that will, of course, be given its own space.