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Pit Your Wits '16: Week 13

After a week off for the All Star Break, and then another week off because I straight up forgot (Sorry Jim!), we return for the second half of Pit Your Wits

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

TylerO took the first half pretty easily, finishing six points ahead of Oldenschoole. Now we begin the second half. The scoreboard resets, and we're going to crown another finalist to face off against TylerO. With it be one of those who were right behind him? Or will it be someone who didn't even participate in the first time? Don't know, so we'll have to find out.

The second half will end with the end of the MLB regular season. After that, we'll have a one week playoff. I'll go through and find our two finalists two most rec'd comments. I'll then put them into an article and create a poll for the bottom of the page. After a week of the poll being open, I'll close it and announce the winner. To do that though, we need a prompt.

The Dbacks are still awful. That's not going to change any time soon. There is no magic button to fix it. Since we're all fans, we're going to stick it out. We don't have to sit around and take it, though! Give me an idea on how to make games more palatable. Go!