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“America’s First Baseman” shirt

A few weeks back, we asked you to brainstorm various cool D-backs T-shirts suggestions, triggering a wave of discussion and concepts. Some, sadly, will not come to pass - the “50 Consecutive Saves for Brad Ziegler” idea fell short on at least two different fronts, and has been consigned to the clearance bin of history. But we’re pleased to be able to announce the initial results of our partnership with Breaking T’s: the first-ever officially licensed “America’s First Baseman” shirt, celebrating Paul Goldschmidt. And he’s not going anywhere at the trade deadline, so you can buy in security!

Wow! I am convinced. Where can I get one?

Buy your “Paul Goldschmidt, America’s First Baseman” T-shirt here.

I am interested. Tell me more...


  • Burgundy, gold and tan print on an ultra-soft black tee.
  • Athletic fit; made from a super-comfortable, vintage-inspired blend of 60% combed ringspun cotton and 40% polyester jersey.
  • Screen printed in the good 'ol USA.
  • It’s available in all sizes from small up to 3XL,
  • This is not on sale in stores. Even the Team Shop.
  • Look. It’s Paul Goldschmidt, f’heaven’s sake.

Anyway, hopefully they’ll be flying off the virtual shelves, and we can then expand the range to include further designs, honoring other Diamondbacks.