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Dbacks 4, Brewers 9

The pitching wasn't great for either team tonight, and the hitters on both sides made it count. It did end up being a slight bit more of a pitcher's duel than I originally thought, after the two starters combined to give up five runs in the first inning. Corbin especially settled down and kept the Brewers in check between the second and sixth innings. He was just really hurt by that first inning, and then he left with two on and no outs in the sixth.

Garza wasn't any better, and you might argue he was worse, since he wasn't able to keep the Dbacks from answering back when the Brewers had leads. The game actually was tied going into the bottom of the eighth. And then it wasn't anymore. Hudson came in and sucked. Curtis came in and sucked. Delgado came in and finally finished things off. By the end of the inning, the Brewers had sent 10 hitters to the plate, and scored five runs. A close, hard fought game became a blow out, in half an inning. Full recap to follow.