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Diamondbacks 9, Reds 8: Brunchcap at OHSO

Nothing says Sunday quite like a brunch.

Sergi Alexander/Getty Images
Record: 41-57. Pace: 68-94. Change on 2015: -6.
Beer #1:  Hoppy IPA by O.H.S.O.
  • Haven’t done a Brunchcap, so please bear with me while the Sunday morning breakfast with some suds guides my creative mind.
  • Even’s OHSO’s excellent brunch can’t wipe away the harsh tang of this awful season from my mouth. Thankfully though they have been to help with that.
  • On that note I must applaud EdBiggHead for saying it how it is: This season, this team, is an abomination. Heads need to role and our FO needs to get serious in who they want leading this debacle going forward.
  • Well, time to see if any form of redemption can be had today. Finnegan’s pitching for the Reds. Don’t know anything about him, but I know of an excellent jig by the same name.
  • Segura does a Segura thing and gets on base, and by the grace of Buddha he gets moved to second by Gosselin
  • ……Then gets throne out trying to steal 3rd, kinda just sums up the comedy of errors that this season is. Yup.
  • Not all is so bleak as Bourne drives in Gosselin, silver lining I guess. 1-0 Dbacks going into the top of the 1st.
Beer #2: 928 Local Saison by Wanderlust Brewing:

  • When you got unique AZ beers on tap, it behooves you to embrace them. Saisons aren’t really my bag baby, but sometimes you got to make exceptions.
  • Godley’s on the mound, man that name is a lot to live up to. Not quite the 1st inning I’m sure he wanted with the game now at 1-2 Reds. Very un-Godley of him. **snicker**
  • Well, with how this game appears to be going thus far I made need to put my drinking boots on, in place of the ass kicking boots our dbacks appear to have misplaced.
  • Tomas apparently brought his pair with him today as he launches a solo shot to tie the game at 2-2
  • The 2nd inning is more kind to Mr. Godley, one can only pray that the forthcoming frames are just as kind. Still 2-2 going in to the 3rd.
Beer #3: Bill + Tepins Excellent Porter with tepin chiles by OHSO
  • Yes I love Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure, which is why I chose this beer. It also helps that I love chile beers and this one is pretty dang good.
  • BEEF!!!!!!!!!!! Three run blast from the Duke of Wellington. Good feelings have returned to my heart. 5-2 Dbacks
  • Godley, after good things happen, decides bad things are needed and pegs the first batter with a fastball. Smooth.
  • Bad thing leads to further bad things and the game is now 5-4 Dbacks 5-5 tie going to the 4th. Hurrah.
  • Speaking to EdBiggHead via text about the great and glorious pitching coach Mr. Butcher, her remarks that ..."Butcher is a Lizard person Rothschild alien." He could have a point….
Beer #4: The Lost Viking Porter by OHSO
  • Guess I’m on kinda a porter kick today. It’s needed from time to time to purge the unending taste of fresh hops from my tongue.
  • Godley still cruising along….kinda. Gets through a bloodless end of the 4th and now we’re diving on in to the 5th… Still way too much baseball to play and watch. Might need a second brunch…
  • Goldy decides to get in on the fun too and hits a bomb of his own. One must wonder how long he is for the Dbacks. God know’s they’ve done less than nothing to convince him to stay. 6-5 Dbacks…
  • Two innings in a row that Godley doesn’t screw up, these truly are rarefied times we live in. 6-5 Dbacks going in to the 6th.
  • Too bad Finnegan’s already out of the game, or else I could make a cheesy reference to this inning being Finnegan’s Wake; such is the pitching situation for the Reds as we drive in a run to make it 7-5 Dbacks.
  • Make that 8-5 Dbacks as my free biscuits and gravy + bacon arrives at my table. Praise be to Goldy.
Beer #5: a pitcher of Magic in the Ivy by Huss Brewing Co.
  • The last one, I promise, really didn’t think this game would go so long. Oh well, this is a good lite pale to come down to earth on.
  • Godley’s day is done. Not too great or bad, it just was. Time to see if our not-so-vaunted bullpen can keep this lead as is….
  • Somehow that lead stays the same and we’re still 8-5 Dbacks going into the 7th.
  • Burgos keeps his end of the bargain rolling in to the top of the 8th.  Still 8-5 Dbacks and people have finally started clearing out after brunch.
  • Tomas pads at the lead again with majestic bomb and Segura gets on base again.  I'm liking the 8th inning thus far.   9-5 Dbacks
  • Going in to the 9th and I'll sign off to let Jim finish the rest.  Gotta get on my bike.

Bells and whistles, by Jim

The D-backs didn't add any insurance runs in the ninth, and it very nearly cost them, as Tyler Clippard came in and went walk, walk, three-run homer. Suddenly the tying run was at the plate without Clippard having recorded an out. Given how he and Daniel Hudson have pitched of late, it's probably a good thing we traded Brad Ziegler earler, because our other relievers' trade value has been going south along with the team's overall record. Clippard recovered to strike out the side, though also walked the tying run on base, though since the situation was of his own making, does not get the save. He does get a positive WP though, since he ended the game...

[Click for details at]
Patrick Stewart: Welington Castillo, +25.4%
William Shatner: Tomas, +17.0%; Goldschmidt, +11.1%
Jeffrey Hunter: Zack Godley, -25.1%

A brisk GDT, with more enthusiasm that we saw in the first two games. Those present were: AzDbackfanInDc, Diamondhacks, Gilbertsportsfan, GuruB, Jackwriter, Jean Genie, Jim McLennan, JoeCB1991, Makakilo, MichaelMcD831993, Oldenschoole, Re Tired, Toll Booth Willie, Xerostomia, coldblueAZ, hotclaws, ofinn28, onedotfive and repre. Still nothing more than a single rec though, so you'll have to do without a Comment of the Thread.

And so, it's on to Milwaukee for the D-backs, and tomorrow sees the debut of our top prospect, Braden Shipley. First pitch on that one is 4:20pm Arizona time.