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SnakeBytes 7/24: One Week to Trading Deadline

The most interesting action likely to take place this year is on the trade front, and that is most likely to occur over the next week. Daniel Hudson may have helped his value by stranding a leadoff double last night, and the Diamondbacks were able to get a decent prospect for Addison Reed last year, so you never know what might happen.

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Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

Last Night's "Game"

Fading Diamondbacks Get Four Hits, Lose Fourth Straight

D-backs Undone By Defense in Loss to Reds
And utter lack of offense, too.

Diamondbacks News

ESPN's Kurkjian Not Blaming Struggles on Chip Hale
I get it that the players are playing, but part of your job as manager is to get the most out of your players. Can anyone say that Hale has done that, either last year or this year?

"Tony La Russa's only goal is to win"
More from the same interview with Tim Kurkjian. The last paragraph is clearly the most interesting "It clearly has not worked yet. I wouldn’t be surprised if they examine the whole structure on how they run a team and have to ask themselves if they’re doing this the right way." One can only hope this include an examination of whether or not Kendrick is fit to run things.

Ahmed to DL, Owings Returns
And promptly got an RBI single.

D-backs Struggles Emanate from La Russa not Staying His Lane
Possibly the best article on the mess, although I'd say the struggles emanate one spot higher on the organizational chart, with Ken Kendrick, but unless he can be persuaded to sell, there's nothing that can get him out of that job.

Around Baseball

The Details (detailoring?) Behind the White Sox Sending Chris Sale Home
Story of the year in baseball so far is Chris Sale's disdain for throwback uniforms. Thankfully, it didn't seem to have anything to do with fashion, but rather Sale's lack of comfort pitching in them.

Chris Sale Not First to Protest Uniform
Paul Lukas weighs in on what should be the uniform story of the year.

Looking Ahead

Zack Godley takes the mound against Brandon Finnegan as the Diamondbacks try to avoid a sweep (although, really, they need to lose, as that would put them only a game ahead of the Reds and that much closer to the first pick.) Unfortunately, the Braves are tanking just as hard, so this means that if the Diamondbacks continue trending the way they are, the Braves could wind up with two top-five picks in the upcoming draft! (deadhorse.png)