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SnakeBytes 7/23: Seeing Red

Another wholly disappointing effort, rumors about Chip Hale's job, and still no clarity from the front office on anything. In other Arizona sports news, the Cardinals open training camp Monday, and most other NFL teams will be sometime next week. So if you are lucky enough to root for a good NFL team, your year should start trending up soon. As for the rest of us...

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Empty seats? No, just fans in disguise
Empty seats? No, just fans in disguise
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Last Night's Game

There was a game last night.

D-backs Bats Go Silent After First Inning in Loss to Reds
What I think is an inaccuracy in here about the Segura plunking. The article says lower back, but I'm pretty sure it was about shoulder height. Likely unintentional, but Segura does get more than his share of these, and any NL Central team pitching like that gives D-backs flashbacks.

Diamondbacks News

Archie Bradley Working on Avoiding Walks
I'd guess Butcher must be working with him, then. Perhaps the current staff should try coaching the pitchers on walking more batters and giving up more home runs. It can't make things any worse, right?

Braden Shipley Could Get Start with Zack Greinke Out
Why, at this point, bring him up? Why waste a year of control for two months where you probably (let's face it) should be tanking? Alternatively, we could see Shelby Miller or Edwin Escobar, and the team just doesn't want to announce for fear we all write sternly worded letters.

Patrick Corbin to Receive Extra Day of Rest
Which is the reason for calling up someone to pitch Monday in the first place. Given how Corbin has looked much of the year, I'd say he needs it.

Around Baseball

Predicting the Trade Deadline Moves

MLB Should Reconsider Concussion Protocol
This seems like "well, the protocol worked exactly as intended, but we should force teams to pull players out of excess caution."

Looking Ahead

Even with the loss yesterday, the Diamondbacks are still three games ahead of the Reds. Further underperformance in this series will go a long way towards securing the next Braves top prospect first pick in the draft. If only we had some assurance that someone not hired by Kendrick or his cronies (Kendrick and the kronies?) would be making the selection.