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The Bigghead's take

Straight talk. Stiff thoughts.

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Look friends, I have been to many D-backs games this season including opening game, away games in SF, and most recently today. I want to share with you, if it even matters, my observations.

1. Our pitching is terrible, even more so than last season. OK Grienke and De La Rosa show some promise but they are both on the DL. Mike Butcher can go F himself with a sharp object. I blame all of our pitching woes on him solely. After speaking with a few Angels' fans separately, my conclusion is that Butcher was terrible, is terrible and will forever be terrible. Get rid of him now. Corbin sucks. He is no longer starting pitcher quality and may just need to go the way of Hudson. We are in last place and it is not our defense or hitting. It's our pitchers. Corbin may be a 5th starter somehow, some way, if the team he is playing on actually has coaching. Robby Ray is decent. LMAO, that's our season right there. Robby. Ray. Is. Decent.  Don't get me started on Delgado and our BP or even Shelby MIller.

2. Our fans suck a$$. I go to Chase all the time and our fans are 5 year olds who got a free ticket or 60 year old hold out season ticket holders. Either way they only move or make a sound if they have a shot at a free tee-shirt. I get dirty looks from both groups whether I am cheering, booing or heckling. There is no spirit and no heart in our Chase fan base. This gets worse every season. Occasionally a fan will approach me and thank me for the good time, occasionally a yellow shirt fan will complain. But 10 times out of 10 our fans are dead, in their phones, asleep librarians who are afraid to squeak.

DURING today's game (7-20) for example I had to get on some fans for actually applauding Corbin after he gave up all the runs and was pulled. Seriously that's like applauding an airline pilot for surviving a crash that he caused. Boo our team and boo our coaches when they suck. Stop being mindless drones applauding a kiss cam or some $7 an hour mascots having a predetermined race. Be a fan. Cheer, clap and for science's sake BOOOOOOOOO.

3. Ahmed. I love him. You love him. We all LOVE Ahmed. But we love his defense and his glove. His pizazz. You know what we all hate? His bat. Dood bats worse than a AAA catcher and you know what? I'd rather have a 3/4 Ahmed who bats .255, over a guy who is Ahmed defensively that bats .219 lifetime. Stop blowing him already. Any shortstop in MLB can make those same stops and throws.  That's why they are in MLB. He needs to hit, be clutch and for science's sake stop swinging too soon. He is always out front of pitches. Baseball is a two part sport if you are not a catcher or pitcher. Offense and defense. Ahmed is one part. Last season I shot Brute Squad vids with Turambar begging viewers to understand that Owings needed more playing time and that he was our SS. no one listened. Owings's bat was hot this season until his DL. Ahmed, not hot.

Think of me what you will but I am a die-hard fan. I AM The Brute Squad. I will let it be known. I don't F with stats, I don't F with Upton, and I don't F with yellow shirts. I call things as they are. There is zero hope for this season and after meeting Goldy twice during the past couple of weeks I do not believe anymore that he wants to be on this team.