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AZ 1, TOR 5: Can't Even Lose Right...

I'll admit I went into this game expecting to lose. However, I was kind of looking forward to watching the Blue Jays hit a lot of home runs, like they do. I didn't even get that.

The game sucked, but here, have a picture of Tulo looking like a Tool (Offer not applicable to Rockstarr)
The game sucked, but here, have a picture of Tulo looking like a Tool (Offer not applicable to Rockstarr)
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Diamondbacks got on the board first tonight in the first inning. Jean Segura broke up the perfect game with a single on the second pitch of the game by Aaron Sanchez, who until tonight I thought was a star on Food Network. Segura stole second, went to third on a ground out by Michael Bourne, and then came home on another ground out, this time from Paul Goldschmidt. 1-0 Arizona

Zach Godley, once again called up from Reno, kept the Blue Jays in check through the first two and two thirds innings. He hit his biggest rough patch when he was almost out of the third. He gave up back to back singles to Devon Travis and Josh Donaldson, bringing Edwin Encarnacion to the plate. He took a 2-1 pitch and deposited it in the left field bleachers. 3-1 Blue Jays.

After that it was a painfully quiet game. The most interesting part of it was by far me facing off against the Triple Play Sundae (more to come on that) and chatting with Songbird and my dad about, in order, said sundae, politics, ice cream, local sports heroes, brain freeze, Star Trek: Beyond, how the new Star Trek TV series is going to easily displace Game of Thrones as the most pirated TV show ever, possible ideas on what the movie series/tv series could go from here, and finally, oh look the game is over, good to see you! Bye! Anyway, let's go over the few details left in the game.

Dbacks pitching actually did fairly well in the game, other than giving up the inevitable home run to the Blue Jays. Godley gave up another run in the fifth inning off a week RBI single to Josh Donaldson, The Dbacks offense was offensive and didn't manage anything all night. Goldy and Jake Lamb went 0-8, with only one walk, which as usual tells you all you need to know about how this game turned out. Also turning in 0-fers tonight were Bourne, Wellington Castillo, and Nick Ahmed.

Source: FanGraphs

Ice Cream in normal, edible amounts: Jean Segura 5.9

Ice Cream in ungodly amounts that are almost turning into conscious beings: Zack Godley -20.3, Paul Goldschimidt, -19.1, Nick Ahmed -18.4

Very quiet GDT. Only 172 comments, with MichaelMcD8311993 leading the way with 44. All present were:

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The short two game series wraps up tomorrow, starting at 12:40 Arizona time. Tune in to see if the Dbacks can force a split of the series, and come back later this week for my complete thoughts on the Triple Play Sundae!