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SnakeBytes 7/16: I Ain't Even Mad

The Diamondbacks lost last night. Unfortunately, so too did the Braves, Twins, and Rays. The Reds and Angels won, though, so there are now only four teams between the Diamondbacks and the first pick in the draft.

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One of the highlights last night was provided by Goldy, of course
One of the highlights last night was provided by Goldy, of course
Ralph Freso/Getty Images

Last Night's Game

Home Runs, Walks, Continue to Plague Diamondbacks' Patrick Corbin

Tough Start to Second Half for Corbin, D-backs

Diamondbacks News

Diamondbacks Likely to Move Relievers, Not Starters, at Trade Deadline
This, after reports that some teams may have been interested in Corbin. After yesterday, hard to believe anyone still would be.

Dave Stewart: Shelby Miller Trade Hasn't Worked Out
He finally admits what everyone else has known since about the time the fax went through. (Do they still fax the paperwork?) Now, if only TLR could get on board...

Visalia Hitters Making Noise

Around Baseball

2016 Trade Value: #10 to #1
Goldy is ranked ninth (Lamb was ranked 47th) so if the Diamondbacks want to go full-Tankapalooza...please, don't. Given the author's tendency to undervalue Diamondbacks, I'd say both would be ranked higher by opposing clubs if either was on the marked. Of course, given successive front offices' inability to get good value in trades, those rankings are probably spot-on for what the Diamondbacks could actually get.

Astros Add Yulieski Gurriel to Suddenly Crowded Infield

Looking Ahead

Reverse Standings
The Braves still have a six game lead on the Diamondbacks, but the team that has been tanking better than any other of late is the Rays, 6-24 over their last 30. The are currently in the fourth slot, three games ahead (behind?) the Diamondbacks. The quest for the first pick is going to be tough and full of competition, unlike in 2014, when if was pretty well sewed up by the first of September. At the moment, I'd say getting that first pick is unlikely, maybe about a 10% chance at the most.