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Uniform Tracker: July

...And you will know us by the trail of red.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The evolution has not only been joined, it's in full effect. However, on-field performance wise, it's been more evolving back into a Magikarp (See, I'm hip and topical with the kids who wanna go outside.) Anyway, as of the All-Star Break, here are the W/L records of the various Diamondback uniform combinations

Uniform (Locale/Type/Hat) Wins Losses
Home/Snake/Black 3 4
Away/Snake/Black 8 7
Home/Teal/Black 6 9
Away/Teal/Black 7 5
Home/Snake/Red 0 3
Home/Red/Black 1 3
Home/Red/Red 0 6
Home/Black/Black 4 3
Away/Red/Black 3 3
Away/Black/Black 3 5
Throwback Thursday 1 2
Special Event Home 0 2
Special Event Away 2 0

And the notes:

- Red hats, still winless. This even includes the 4th of July Game (though it falls under "Special Events Home" here).

- The only home uniform with a winning record are the Black tops, usually seen on Saturdays. I like to call them the Deep Space Nines, because they kind of look like those uniforms, and although they're often overlooked, they might just be the best of the bunch because they're darker than the rest.

- The Diamondbacks are undefeated on the family member related Holidays, but winless on the Patriotic ones. WHY DO THEY HATE AMERICA MY COLUMN.

- Teal ain't really that special anymore, comparatively

- This, among a lot of things, is a really good look into the disparity of Home/Road for the Diamondbacks this year.

- We'll be back in the middle of August to update this.