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Snake Bytes 7/14: Finally, More Baseball

As expected by some, the Diamondbacks made no meaningful changes during the All-Star break. At least the break is over though and we can finally get back to playing games.

87th MLB All-Star Game Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

Injuries and Poor Starts Characterize First Half

The Diamondbacks expected to be a playoff contender this season. Instead, injuries to Pollock, Peralta, Owings, and others, combined with a slow start by Goldschmidt and an implosion of performance by Miller have made the Diamondbacks an odds-on favorite to wind up with a protected pick in the upcoming draft.

La Russa: Challenge Yourselves

The Diamondbacks CBO encourages his team to elevate the on-field production to match the expected talent.

Miller Recipient of Cy Yuk Award

This one can be filed in away under the “water is wet” category of obvious.

2 Games of Note

Fangraphs revisits two games of the first half, one an epic pitching duel, the other a slugfest that had the WPA graph jumping all over the place.