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Diamondbacks 0, Giants 4: Diamondbacks unable to get run support for Bradley

The Diamondbacks couldn't muster enough offense, and the first half came to a sputtering end.

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Ahh Sunday Night Baseball. Harkens backs to the days of my youth when Jon Miller would overpronounce Latin names, and Joe Morgan would say that Billy Beane was the shooter on the grassy knoll. Night is a bit of a misnomer here, as the game was in San Francisco where it was 5 PM and really shadowy and not the greatest conditions for either team. But hey, you have to placate the East Coast somehow when it's not another damn 6 hour Yankees-Red Sox game. Archie Bradley started for the Diamondbacks, because it was his time in the rotation. He faced Madison Bumgarner, who is a good pitcher, and one who might be likely to blow up at an opposing player because he's a total a-hole "gamer"

Buster Posey singled home Denard Span in the top of the first to give the Giants a 1-0 lead. Denard Span was on third due to an odd play in which Michael Bourn did not catch a ball that he seemed to get under until the last second. Span could have, and maybe should have, scored from first on that play, but he like every rational human in the stadium, thought that was probably going to be caught and held up. Brandon Crawford hit a sac-fly to make it 2-0 off of Bradley. I think it was Brandon Crawford. Everyone on the Giants has the same terrible greasy-looking haircut.

It could have been worse for Bradley, as in the next inning he had a second and third with nobody out situation, but a strikeout, groundout, and groundout later nixed that idea.

Jake Lamb hit a ball that Gregor Blanco lost in the sun or something and fell out of his glove for an error. Of course, the Lamb play from yesterday was a hit. Hometown scoring is for chumps.

Bradley got through 6 innings, in probably his best start of the year. He gave up two earned runs with two walks and 6 strikeouts in 6 innings. Hopefully that carries into the second half.

Daniel Hudson came in in the seventh, his first appearance since coming back from the bereavement list. He got a pretty sweet double play, but things just fell off from there culminating in a two-run double by Brandon Crawford to make it 4-0.

Jake Lamb got a single with one out in the eighth. There is no real reason I'm mentioning that at all.

The Diamondbacks ended the first half with a thud. That's fun in a Lars Von Trier way.

Source: FanGraphs

Cool: Lamb, +3.3%
Lame: Drury. -7.7%

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Tommorow the Diamondbacks do... Nothing. Nothing at all. You can hear Chris Berman say the word "Back" so much that it loses all meaning, but I have plans, so you guys can have fun with that.

And remember, before we bid adieu to the first half of the season, death to the Red Hats.