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SnakeBytes 7/10: The Long, Slow Descent

The Diamondbacks will take the field attempting to stave off yet another sweep. We also can ally with our expansion brethren in Tampa in rooting for the Braves, Reds, Twins, and Angels to win enough for one of us to secure the top draft pick. Yeah, it's that kind of year.

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Yesterday's Game

D-backs Can't Cash in on Chances vs. Giants
This headline could be a fill-in-the-blank form. "D-backs can't ________ (cash in, hold on, play baseball) vs. _______ (any of the 29 other teams in the league, probably some minor league teams)

A Paul Goldschmidt Foul Boul Obliterated a Fan's Concessions
Between this, Brandon Drury's face-plant, and Javier Lopez's inability to walk to the bullpen, there were some memorable moments yesterday. Sadly, they will eventually sink into the dark tapestry of forgetfulness that is this season.

Diamondbacks News

Clippard, Hudson to Share Closer Role
Until the front office finds a buyer for one or both of them, anyway. They may wish to keep Clippard, because he is signed for next year, but he'll also fetch a good bit more for that reason, especially since his contract is very team friendly relative to performance. Hudson is almost certain to be dealt soon.

Futures Game Another Step for Fast-Rising Banda

D-backs Will Miss Ziegler but Deal was Inevitable

Around Baseball

Projecting the Prospects in the Aaron Hill Trade
Both Hill trades this year worked out well for both the Brewers and Aaron Hill, who gets an extra million dollars every time he is dealt. I wouldn't say the payoff was bad for the Diamondbacks, as if they decided to sell Segura high at the deadline, they would likely get an even better return.

Looking Ahead

Giants Send All-Star Ace in Hopes of Sweeping Diamondbacks
But all is not dark, for despite facing a mad bum in the final baseball match held before yon All Star Break, the Diamondbacks have done better than some in facing him. Bumgarner has only posted an 8-7 record in 23 starts against the Diamondbacks, although his ERA in those games is below his career numbers. The Diamondbacks do have a slightly higher WHIP against Bumgarner than his average. Current Diamondbacks own a respectable .731 OPS against Bumgarner, which, since the average NL OPS this year is .734, is downright excellent. Daniel Hudson owns the highest numbers, with a triple slash of 1.000/1.000/1.000 (in two plate appearances) and Paul Goldschmidt owns a .981 OPS (that's not Capuano or Lincecum territory, but Goldy has also faced Bumgarner more than any other pitcher, with 50 plate appearances.) Among pitchers he has faced 25 or more times, that's his third-highest figure, trailing only Tyson Ross and Lincecum.

It's the night game on ESPN, so that means it's something like 5 PM Arizona time. The Futures Game will also be on at (I think) 3 pm Arizona time, on MLB Network.