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2016 MLB Draft: Day 1 Open Thread

It'll take a while before you get to any Diamondbacks' picks, but we'll be following today's events as they unfold, covering the first two rounds.

Norm Hall/Getty Images

The pre-draft show is already under way on the MLB Network, with the full-on draft show scheduled to start at 4pm Arizona time - it will also be available online at Round 1 will then start at 4:07 p.m. AZT; there are four minutes allotted for each selection there. After that, the pace should pick up. Competitive Balance Round A is expected to start slightly before 6 p.m. AZT; and its expected that our first pick in that round (which is No. 39 overall) will be at approx. 7:05 p.m. AZT. Our second-round pick (#52) should follow relatively shortly thereafter, at about 7:30pm. Rounds 3-10 are tomorrow, and the later rounds takes place on Saturday.

There is no obvious #1 player this year, so be interesting to see how things shake down. The first ten picks are as follows, along with their "value":

  1. Philadelphia Phillies - Pick value: $9,015,000
  2. Cincinnati Reds - $7,762,900
  3. Atlanta Braves - $6,510,800
  4. Colorado Rockies - $5,258,700
  5. Milwaukee Brewers - $4,382,200
  6. Oakland Athletics - $4,069,200
  7. Miami Marlins - $3,756,300
  8. San Diego Padres - $3,630,900
  9. Detroit Tigers - $3,505,800
  10. Chicago White Sox - $3,380,600