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Dbacks 5, Rays 0

Great game all the way around, both offensively and pitching. Grienke continued to look like the pitcher we wanted when we gave him the biggest contract in team history. He threw a complete game shutout. He did give up two walks, and only recorded two strikeouts, but he also only allowed three hits. It wasn't the same sort of start as he had against the Astros, where he struck out everyone and their mothers, but he still did a masterful job keeping the Rays off the basepaths.

The offense was superb as well. They kept making opportunities for themselves, and, more importantly, cashing in on them. Jake Lamb hit a three run home run off lefty Matt Moore, and Goldy hit another two run shot to extend the lead even further. Great to see Goldy continue his return to form, and Lamb get a big hit off a lefty. Full happy recap to follow soon!