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Diamondbacks 4, Rays 6 : Ray Raises Rays' Reign

Robbie Ray was a pitcher who raked. Unfortunately, he was also a pitcher who got raked as the Diamondbacks drop the first of three against Tampa.

Norm Hall/Getty Images

The Diamondbacks faced their 1998 expansion brothers in the first of three contests tonight, but more brothers who only talk to each other every once and awhile to please mom. Chris Archer faced Robbie Ray in the pitching matchup, because that is Ape Law.

Archer had a 29-pitch first inning, and was in the Danger Zone (That's a reference) with two on and two out, but got Welington Castillo to ground out to end the threat.

Ray pitched three innings without much incident, highlighted by a Michael Bourn catch that was pretty good to end the top of the third inning (see picture) and lead off the home half of the third with, well...

That was Ray's first career dinger, and the first by any Diamondback pitcher since Wade Miley back in 2013 against the Giants. There was more scoring that inning, as Paul Goldschmidt doubled home Jean Segura to bring the tally to 2-0. The Rays, cause they're jerks, got three consecutive two-out singles off of Ray, because again they're jerks, in the fourth to make it 2-1.

The Rays took the lead, see previously stated jerk thesis, when Tim Beckham hit a two-run dinger in the 5th to make it 3-2. Desmond Jennings hit a ground rule double to score another and make it 4-2. That ended Ray's start, as one does. Randall Delgado came in with runners on second and third with only one out . He allowed a sac-fly off the bat of John Jaso fraternal twin Taylor Motter to make it 5-2.

David Peralta announced his return from the disabled list with a few at bats and *then* a bang in the sixth inning with a bang off Archer to make it 5-3. I had originally typed "6-3" as that scoreline because that was a typo but about a minute later Desmond Jennings hit a homer off of Jake Barrett in the seventh to make that typo correct.

Archer was lifted in the 7th in favor of Tyler Sturdevant, who gave up a hit and hit by pitch with two outs sprinkled in there. Enny Romero came in, and couldn't throw enny strikes, as he walked Rickie Weeks and Welington Castillo, the latter causing a run to score to make it 6-4. Romero was lifted for Xavier Cedeno, and he faced Brandon Drury, pinch hitting for Peralta. He struck out, providing chaos and entropy.

Neither team did much vague efforting at the plate from that point. The bad news being the Diamondbacks were already down at this point so they lost.

Source: FanGraphs

Ray: Ray (Hitting) +13.9%
Also Ray: Ray (Pitching) -34.8%

Rare game in which the same player is responsible for the highest and lowest WPA on a team. It shows the duality of man as it fights against nature, but not realizing that nature consumes all. I'm Werner Herzog for AZ Snakepit

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Zack Greinke pitches tomorrow, and that's usually been a good thing lately. You should watch that, unless you're busy.