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SnakeBytes 6/5: Losses Piling Up

Over the past two weeks, the Diamondbacks have gone 3-0 in Zack Greinke starts. The problem is the 1-9 record in all other starts.That probably changes to 1-10 today, with the D-backs facing Jake Arrieta...

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Tomas made this catch, but the catch he didn't make was the more important one.
Tomas made this catch, but the catch he didn't make was the more important one.
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday's Game

Escobar Struggles in D-backs Loss to Cubs
Certainly, the defense deserved its share of the blame, but Escobar was unable to help himself.

Pinch-Hitting for Lamb the Right Matchup

D-backs Drop Another to Cubs, Now 10 Games Under .500

Diamondbacks News

Daniel Hudson Wants to Stay for Long Run
Whether the Diamondbacks will offer him enough to keep him is anyone's guess, but it does sound more like he's adjusting to a relief role.

Around Baseball

James Shields Heading to White Sox in Trade

Evaluating the Prospect in the James Shields Deal
Note the singular. Erik Johnson, with 98 innings over four seasons (and no more options) is not regarded as a prospect. Clearly, the Padres are counting on Shields opting out after this season, as otherwise they'll have to pay $27 million and get very little in return.

Bartolo Colon hits 108 mph Single
If he played for the Diamondbacks, it would have been straight to the fielder, with the bases loaded, in a close game.

Dodgers Keep Julio Urias in Starting Rotation
Also of note, Brandon McCarthy is nearing a rehab assignment.

Looking Ahead

There will be a facsimile of a baseball game played today, with what I can only suppose will be a C lineup for the Diamondbacks against Jake Arrieta. I'm guessing we see Gosselin make his regular Sunday start, and Weeks in the outfield. Perhaps even Goldy gets the day off. So, if things go according to past patterns, this will be a 10-9 game. It's at 11:20 Arizona time (again.)