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SnakeBytes 6/4: Bradley Gem Edition

Archie Bradley threw an absolute gem yesterday, let down only by his defense, his offense, and the umpire (who blew a couple calls in the first inning which, given the increase in pitches, kept Bradley from even a chance of going out for the seventh.) But, other than all of those things, it was a great game!

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Yesterday's Game

D-backs Archie Bradley Strikes Out 10 vs. Cubs
The 10 strikeouts were a career high, topping the 9 he had last time out against the Padres. And it was really 11, as he struck out Kris Bryant (twice, once swinging and once with what should have been called strike three) in the first inning, but Hunter Wendlestedt is the latest in a line of umpires who can't make even relatively simple calls correctly.

Bradley Fans 10, but D-backs Blanked by Cubs
Hale called it a "great game until the eighth." That would be true, if you ignored the offensive lack of performance (especially with runners on base) and the defensive misplay by Owings that allowed the first Cubs run to score in the sixth. It was a close game until the eighth, yes, but the Diamondbacks were not playing well as a team. The pitching was good, and that was about it.

Arizona Diamondbacks' Mistakes Doom Archie Bradley's Great Start

Diamondbacks Squander Archie Bradley's Stellar Effort

Diamondbacks News

Arizona Diamondbacks Hoping Adjustments Help Edwin Escobar
As are we all.

Anthony Rizzo Almost Tricked an Umpire into Thinking He Was Starting a Fight
With as bad as Wendelstedt was yesterday, I'm a little surprised he didn't warn both benches over this. (And based on John Lackey's body language, it's not just Diamondbacks that could complain.)

Around Baseball

A Look at 2016's Unluckiest Starting Pitchers
Zack Greinke is on the list, although not covered in the body of the article.

The Coming Shortage of Available Outfielders
More evidence that the Diamondbacks didn't maximize the value of Ender Inciarte. Had they held on to him until now, and the season was going the exact same way, they could probably get a lot more than 1/3 of Shelby Miller.

Looking Ahead

Preview: Diamondbacks at Cubs
Game is scheduled for 11:20 Arizona time, if that happens. The weather for Chicago is not looking very good. At the moment, thunderstorms and rain are scheduled to begin around 1:30 and last into the night, so a rainout is looking very possible. As the teams share multiple, relatively convenient off-days over the next couple months, I don't imagine the league will be overly concerned with getting the game in. So we shall see if today becomes an unscheduled off-day or not. July 21st, with the Diamondbacks on their way to Cincinnati and the Cubs having wrapped up a home series the day before, would seem most probable. Or they could hold off until September 22nd, and possibly not have it played at all, as by then the Cubs will likely have wrapped up the NL Central and the Diamondbacks will be well-eliminated.