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Diamondbacks 10, Rockies 9: Rule Dbackzia, Dbackzia rules the dunes...

On the day of a Brexit, a beercap appears.

Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images
Record: 36-40. Pace: 77-85. Change on 2015: -1.


Rules the waves......

Beer #1: Prima Pils by Victory Brewing Co.
  • For those of you with a pulse, today was truly momentous day in the world as the UK votes to leave the EU. No one quite knows what will happen to the UK, the EU or the world economy as a whole. Regardless though this is quite a milestone in history.
  • Speaking of milestones, after a long bike ride when it's 108 outside I need to hydrate, and nothing says hydrate quite like a pilsner.
  • Hope, hope springs eternal with this goofy team. Where as hope for the Remain movement in the UK has died there is still a smidge of playoff hope for D-backs. Pretty sure smidge is a Brit saying. Maybe...
  • Just 5.5 out of the wildcard with our present opponents the next team in front of us. A series win with the Phillies our next opponent will get many a SnakePitter talking.
  • Anderson does the Rocks no favors in the 1st, loading the bases with no outs, which blessedly the Dbacks capitalize on. 1-0 Dbacks. Pretty sure we could have put up a crooked number that inning though.
  • Segura (in the 2nd) keeps on mashing and doubles down the first base line making it 2-0 Dbacks. For those of you wondering why I wrote nothing of Bradley's 1st it's because I didn't feel like it and may be suffering from lingering heat stroke issues.


Beer #2: Trooper IPA by SunUp
  • Brexit theme, thus a beer with a Brit reference. In this case I think first and foremost the song by Iron Maiden, but the beer more loosely refers to a colonial era British soldier. Maiden's song is better in my opinion as they specifically sing about the Balkan Wars.
  • While Bradley struggles (so far) through the 2nd let me expand upon my position on the Brexit. As an American I guess I can see why the Leave supporters wanted out. Who wants to have their country's policy determined by an entity and people far removed from their land and their lives? Not I. On the other hand those same people are leaving a very valuable trade zone at a time where their economy is still very much in recover mode. They may just have shot themselves in the foot...
  • Bradley (after my rant) gets out of the inning. Still 2-0 Dbacks going in to the 3rd.
  • Goldy doubles to lead off the 3rd then steals third. Perhaps he's the very model of a modern major general the song spoke of?
  • Despite His herculean efforts every bat after Goldy's cannot bring him home.....FROM THIRD!!!!!
  • Wheels look like they're beginning to fall off for Archie. Location, location, location. Restaurant owners understand, but Archie just doesn't quite get it. First two Rocks are on in the 3rd with Arenado up, kinda getting nervous about this....
  • Somehow, by the grace of Churchill, Bradley escapes that inning only allowing 1 run. I'll take it I guess: 2-1 Dbacks


Beer #3: Grapefruit Sculpin IPA by Ballast Point
  • Hops, can I haves? Fun fact, IPA stands for India Pale Ale. For when the Brits first colonized India their thirsty colonists required a beer. A simple pale just couldn't quite make the very long voyage, so brewers added a &#$t-ton more hops (natural preservative) to the batch and thus the IPA was born. Yay!
  • Tomas......Tomas just...stole...third. Reality has begun to fracture. I can hear Gabriel's trumpet upon the wind. The 7th Seal has been broken........Though it matters not as Segura grounds out. Still, seeing him steal third just changed my life. 2-1 Dbacks going in to the bottom of the 4th.
  • Then that same unathletic ball player just made the inning ending catch to save Bradley in the bottom of the 4th. Perhaps the 7th Seal is indeed broken......2-1 Dbacks going in to the 5th.
  • Bradley just keeps dodging bullets like Neo. Still not sure what to think of him as a "star prospect." Maybe one day he'll locate his pitches well enough for me to at least have a vague sense of hope as his takes the mound. 2-1 Dbacks going in to the 6th.


Beer #4: RuinTen Imperial IPA by Stone Brewing Co.
  • Running out of Brit related things to rant about. So with that in mind, for those of you who have yet to see any Monty Python (movie or TV show) please remedy that. Monty Python is the finest in British comedy. The kind of insane slapstick comedy that makes you wonder if you're high or not.
  • Despite Qualls taking the mound after Anderson the Dbacks are unable to tack on another run. Guess even a blind squirrel like Qualls finds a nut now and again. Still 2-1 Dbacks going in to the bottom of the 6th.
  • Chafin though, he's got some real Qualls potential. Two Rocks on in the bottom of the 6th with no outs and I'm not feeling to hot about another Hall bullpen move.
  • Yup, good feelings gone. Chafin replaced by Godley and Lamb muffs the inning ending grounder. 2-3 Rocks. Ughhhhhhhhhh


Beer #5: Grapefruit Sculpin...again
  • Dbacks are ruining this game, but I will no let this bring me down. Thus a repeat of a beer I love. For comfort.
  • .....nevermind. Lamb for President. 4-3 Dbacks after a CLUTCH triple drives in two runners.
  • The bar has become very thrilled for the Dbacks as (one patron) said "Yea! Free tacos! Free diarrhea!!!"5-3 Dbacks. Free tacos
  • Then Tomas happens. He of the endless taco buffet, CRUSHES a bomb in to center field. I'm getting all teary eyed now. Such run. Much winning. 8-3Dbacks
  • Back at the house and all good feelings are gone. Our vaunted bullpen strikes again at mediocrity and we're now down 8-9. Ughhhh
  • I'm done. Let future generations comment on this mess.
Jim tags in. Beer #6: Or #1. Pabst Blue Ribbon

I do have nicer beers in the fridge, but after this one, I feel like drinking something which evokes memories of Kyle McLachlan being yelled at by Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet. It seems appropriate for this game, somehow. I should fill in some of the gaps: in particular, how an 8-3 lead somehow turned into an 8-9 deficit in the course of six outs. It started with Zack Godley being rather less than godlike in the seventh. He ended up allowing two runs and had to be bailed out by Tyler Clippard who got the final out. This means the D-backs had used four pitchers to get through the sixth and seventh innings.

Worse was to follow in the eighth. Daniel Hudson, for whatever reason, cannot pitch at Coors. He came in with a career ERA of 10.80 there, and that's now considerably higher. Poor Huddy's night went double, RBI double, walk and he was lifted by Chip Hale. But Randall Delgado fared no better: both inherited runners scored, as well as one of his own. He wasn't helped by a Jake Lamb error - his third of the night, and he also bobbled what could have been an inning ending double-play. By the time the third out finally occurred, the Rockies had scored four, and taken a 9-8 lead.

But just as I was penning a strongly-worded quick recap... Yasmany Tomas clubbed his second homer of the game, to tie us up with one out in the ninth. One out later, Jean Segura doubled and came home on a Michael Bourn single, giving Arizona their third lead of the night. But the drama was not over. A lead-off double, and Arizona's fourth error - this one by Chris Herrmann - put the tying run on third with no outs. But a TOOTBLAN by Nolan Arenado erased the lead runner on a ball hit to Nick Ahmed, Rickie Weeks Jr made a great play at the left-field wall, and a groundout gave Brad Ziegler his 16th save.

Random notes.

  • Paul Goldschmidt reached base five times, on two hits and three walks. He's now batting .300 for the year. Segura, Lamb, Herrmann and Tomas each had three hits.
  • The starting pitchers tonight combined to allow three runs over 10.2 innings. The bullpens? 16 runs in 7.1 innings.
  • At four and a half hours, this was the longest regulation game in team history, shattering the old record by 19 minutes. That was Opening Day this year, also against the Rockies. In fact, it was the longest nine-inning game in National League history. In 2003, we played a 15-inning game in 20 minutes less than tonight.
  • The Diamondbacks stole six bases: two each by Segura and Bourn, and one apiece by Goldschmidt and Tomas.

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We're leaving the EU! Yasmany Tomas, +43.3%
Brexit: Bourn, +37.5%; Goldschmidt, +26.5%; Ziegler, +24.5%; Bradley, +23.3%; Lamb, +22.0%;
We're leaving the EU! Randall Delgado, -45.6%
Brexit: Godley, -32.3%; Hudson, -28.9%; Gosselin, -19.7^; O'Brien, -16.4%

Never say I'm not even-handed. :) Quite an active, if fraught Gameday Thread. This is my unsurprised face. MichaelMcD831993, Jackwriter and James Attwood were the most active, with others present being: AzRattler, BigSmarty, Chelsea75, DJPJ, Gilbertsportsfan, Gungus, GuruB, I suppose I'm a Pessimist, Jim McLennan, JoeCB1991, MrMrrbi, Oldenschoole, SongBird, Xerostomia, aldma, asteroid, catbat, coldblueAZ, ford.williams.10, gamepass, gcrakr, hotclaws, noblevillain, onedotfive, piratedan7 and since_98. No Sedona Red comments, but I'll go with this one from Michael


That was one of the worst team performances I've ever seen

That being said, I’ll take an ugly win any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

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I'm off to lie down somewhere and breath into a paper-bag for the next eight hours. Day game tomorrow! Looks like Godley is being replaced, details to follow, I'm sure...