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Arizona Diamondbacks Game Preview, #76: Climb every mountain...

Continuing the musical theme established by Clefo earlier today. Though maybe I should be doing a karaoke version of "I'm so Brexited"...

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images
Archie Bradley
RHP, 3-3, 4.83
Tyler Anderson
LHP, 0-1, 2.25
Jean Segura - SS Charlie Blackmon - CF
Michael Bourn - CF DJ LeMahieu - 2B
Paul Goldschmidt - 1B Nolan Arenado - 3B
Phil Gosselin - 2B Ryan Raburn - RF
Jake Lamb - 3B Mark Reynolds - 1B
Peter O'Brien - LF Nick Hundley - C
Chris Herrmann - C Cristhian Adames - SS
Yasmany Tomas - RF Brandon Barnes - LF
Archie Bradley - RHP Tyler Anderson - LHP

Couple of minor adjustments from last night's game: the two home-run blasts, from Jake Lamb and Sir Not-Appearing-On-This-Roster, a.k.a. Socrates Brito, have both been officially listed by HitTrackerOnline & ESPN as having a distance of 446 feet. That's a downgrade from the 453 feet announced by StatCast for the Lamb cutlet, and puts them tied for second in distance by an Arizona Diamondback hitter this year. The leader remains Brandon Drury's bomb off the Cardinals' Michael Wacha, at Chase Field on April 28, which was estimated at 451 feet. But, hey - still six games left for Arizona to play in Coors!

With Brito hitting the disabled list - or dare, I say, making a Brexit from the roster? - it's back to Bourn in CF for the D-backs, with Herrmann getting a start at catcher. I don't know how significant it is, but when Herrmann starts a game (anywhere on the field), the Diamondbacks' record is 14-13. Even when we just look at when he starts, we are still 12-12. With Castillo's offense not apparently up to much these days - his OPS+ for the season is down to 94 - one wonders if we may start to see Herrmann getting more of a chance. For only Lamb and Goldschmidt are the only D-backs with a higher OPS+ than Chris's current figure of 134. He's certainly been a decent pick-up.

Time to flip the Archie Bradley coin. I say that, because the Game Scores for the five starts since his last recall from Reno have been 66, 67, 44, 46 and 67. Not so much "Good" and "Bad" Bradley as "Solid" and "Mediocre" Bradley. He did have a start in Colorado earlier in the year - and the Game Score for that was 43. So I've a feeling that's probably about what we're going to get today. Not that this would necessarily translate into a loss for the team: Greinke's GS yesterday was only 45, and he was in line for the win until the unfortunate eighth inning. As long as the offense has its hitting shoes on, as they did for at least a couple of innings yesterday, we should be okay, and a win lets us finish the day third in the NL West.

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