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Geeks vs Freaks or good guys vs the bad guys or .....DBacks vs Cubs

The eternal Optimist says..... we're catching these guys at the absolute best time. There's no way that they can be taking our club seriously, it will be non-stop national TV interviews and discussions about how many Cubs should start the All-Star game. They're 8-2 over their last 10 and 20-7 at home, so once we sneak in and get an equipment manager to put some icy hot in their jocks, we'll then relocate all of their cars to street parking so they can be vandalized by some motivated White Sox fans and then.....

I'm afraid of seeing a LOT of this
I'm afraid of seeing a LOT of this
Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports


Well... as has been discussed on multiple threads, out starting rotation has turned into Zack Greinke and the Pitching Dead, although there's hope for the new mid-season character Archie Bradley, who could possibly show that he's immune from the infection and ready to mount up and defend the franchise, although; he's been given a tall order to succeed against, namely the Cubs lineup.  So, we'll get a chance to see if Archie has truly learned or if it was simply... oh yeah, the Padres.  I won't spend a lot of time on the Cubs... why?  Because every damn outlet that maintains a passing interest in baseball already is covering them, slathering over their team Maddeness, plus they're good.  You know they're good, I know they're good.  I would rather spend the time wallowing in our own collective misery, trying to mine the stables, ever hopeful of finding that pony.


Looking at these numbers.... well, they're for masochists only because just like Scarlett said in Gone with the Wind, tomorrow is another day.  Never mind the fact that she had her house burned down and ended up in drapes, its the sentiment that matters here.  Let me just say that most honest assessments would say that we have no chance, but hey, that's why we play the games, right?

Friday - Archie Bradley (2-0/6.11/1.47) vs. John Lackey (5-2/3.16/0.97)

Maybe the Archie we recently witnessed wasn't an illusion, then again, I suspect that the Lester that we've seen this year isn't one either.  Strangely enough, I think this game represents our best chance to steal a game.

Saturday - Edwin Escobar (0-1/18.90/3.30) vs. Jason Hammel (6-1/2.09/1.16)

Will the coaching staff be able to rebuild him?  Supposedly, we have the technology and a fighting force of extraordinary magnitude and a fighting spirit that is unsurpassed.  All of that will be crap if Edwin gives up 8 runs in two plus innings again.

Sunday - Patrick Corbin (2-5/4.96/1.42) vs Jake Arrieta (9-0/1.56/0.89)

Maybe pitching during the day will be good for Patrick, or maybe silly putty in his shoes, or wearing garters... I dunno but he's not looked good and I would like him to look good, pitching... although hygiene is important too.


Those Osos....


Arrieta - 3.0, Hammels - 1.9, Lester 1.8

Trevor Cahill has been worth 0.2 (but that's a positive, tyvm)


Ben Zobrist - 2.5, Dexter Fowler - 2.4, Kris Bryant 1.8

Jason Heyward - 0.1 (neg) Justin Heyward - still playing with the Moody Blues

Those Snakes...


Daniel Hudson - 1.0, Jake Barrett and Tyler Clippard - 0.6

Edwin Escobar in one appearance managed to log a negative 0.4 (that's a lotta suck in one get go)


Jake Lamb - 1.6, Paul Goldschmidt 1.4, Jean Segura 1.2


I would budget accordingly and not expect any tacos this trip and if the wind is blowing in, I wouldn't expect any Jumbo Jacks either.  I think we get swept, and I think that they may even require our rooks to leave their pink backpacks as a trophy.  Just not feeling very positive except in my negativity, in that I'm positive that I am feeling negative about the team.  I would love to be wrong and hope that I am.