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DBacks Versus Phillies

We get to travel to Philadelphia for the rare wraparound series (Friday thru Monday) and as we've hoped with every road trip, while our lads play reasonably well on the road, it's home where the problems are. So, do we expect good things.... maybe not, the pitching is still suspect (SP or bullpen, there's plenty of suspect for everyone) and the hitting appears to be rather feast or famine and you never know when these guys are going to go on a crash diet. Are there glimmers of hope... yes, Goldy appears to be rounding into form and Jake Lamb has been positively lionlike and our pitchers rake remarkably well.

somebody took "keep your eye on the ball" just a bit too literally
somebody took "keep your eye on the ball" just a bit too literally
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports


I have modest hopes that we can best the Phillies.  It would take us not committing as many TOOTBLANs and perhaps fielding a bit better, but it is doable.  Now, if we can get reality to match expectations, that would be a welcome change.  Kudos to Philly for playing competitively and we hope that you begin to catch the Braves, so to speak.  To be honest, I feel that there is a slight sliver of hope for this year.  The hugest of caveats fall on whether the pitching will improve, in both the starting rotation and the performance from the bullpen.  One item that can apparently improve our staff is to simply stop walking people, and you never know, Chris Owings has even been getting walks this year, so it could happen.


Robbie Ray (3-5/4.571.59/) vs Adam Morgan (1-5/6.33/1.45) Morgan is a 26 year old lefty who has struggled in his first year in the bigs (which means that Chip will sit Lamb most likely for reasons involving payoffs to the Cuban mafia).  This is a winnable game.  This is also a  game where Robbie Ray is pitching and the 5th inning is something akin to entering the Mines of Moria for him.. 

Zack Greinke (9-3/3.75/1.17) vs Jerad Eickhoff (4-8/3.40/1.17) - Another first year hurler for the Phins, except this guy is a right hander and that means nothing whatsoever. Although, out of 13 starts, nine have been quality ones. I think, based on who is pitching for our team, that this game holds the best chance of a win, but this is baseball, and there are no sure things other than Pirates pitchers throwing inside.  Since I've started the Tolkeinesque allusions, Greinke's recent performances have been something like the Eagles rescuing Sam and Bilbo from the side of the Mountain of Doom.

Shelby Miller (1-6/7.09/1.96) vs Zach Elfin (0-1/27.00/4.50) - Pitching matchup of the damned.  I don't believe that Mr. Elfin is as bad as his ERA and whip shows, he was just introduced to the bigs by the Toronto Blue Jays, who greeted him warmly. Our Mr. Miller has been discussed ad nauseum and so we shall see what we shall see.  My guess is that oodles of popcorn and beverages will be consumed.  This game may rival the tale of Tom Bombadil in regards to riveting baseball excitement.

Archie Bradley (2-3/5.66/1.40) vs. Jeremy Helickson (4-5/4.46/1.26) - Helickson is something off a known quantity, Archie has suddenly inherited the mantle of inconsistency from Rubby DeLaRosa, so do we get the good Archie or the bad one?  Will we get the mediocre Helickson or the mediocre Helickson.  Is Archie the true heir of Esildur or just another ragtag Ranger of the North?


Phins - Hitting

Odubel Herrera - 2.1

Maikel Franco - 0.5 (yes, that is really the 2nd highest on their team)

Phins - Hurlers

Jerad Eickhoff - 1.9 (those quality starts still add up I suppose)

Aaron Nola - 1.8

Vince Velasquez - 1.0

DBacks - Hitting

Paul Goldschmidt - 1.8

Jake Lamb - 1.7

Jean Segura - 1.3

DBacks - Hurlers

Zach Greinke - 1.8

Daniel Hudson - 1.1

Caloric counters of doom

Tacos - 3 out of 4

Jumbo Jacks - 3 out of 4

Reminder, this doesn't mean that we'll see them win 3 out of 4, but I do not expect a bunch of pitchers duels, which I guess means that you should expect them..... Unless, that they suspect that we suspect that they will be slugfests but in fact we see pitchers duels that turn into bullpen slugfests, which could lead back into extra inning pitcher duels... so you just never know, given the odd TOOTBLAN or three.


It will be hot in most of Arizona this weekend.