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Brainstorming cooler Arizona Diamondbacks T-shirts

We love the D-backs, but let's face it - the T-shirts the team makes are a little... corporate. Here's your chance to change this!

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The SnakePit is partnering up with Breaking T, an on-line t-shirt company that is already partnered with over 20 SB Nation blogs to launch trending-topic inspired merchandise for their favorite teams. Recently, Nick reached out to see if we'd be interested, and to see if we - and that's obviously the collective "we" - could come up with suggestions for any appropriately Diamondbacks-themed designs.

To get the basic concept, you might want to start by checking out the company's website, which includes not only the baseball shirts, but the ones from other sports, TV and movies [there's an entire section of Game of Thrones ones, which I will casually be sending over to Mrs. SnakePit in time for Christmas...] That should give you some idea of what they do: but in particular, they specialize in a quick turnaround on topical shirts, so when something of note happens, they can get something appropriate ready and on the market extremely fast.

The company are fully licensed by the MLBPA, so that means that player names and likenesses are fair game. The shirts are subject to approval, but it seems that hasn't been much of an issue, so as long as you avoid obvious excess, it should be fine. The plan will likely be to get a basic line of shirts, and then supplement these as and when clothing-worthy events happen, which could be anything from a no-hitter to a brawl. For example, should Brad Ziegler's save streak reach 50 consecutive, that might well merit a design.

But, otherwise, we're open to suggestions. The first one that comes to mind is probably "Goldschmidt Happens". Beyond that, I'm throwing the floor open to suggestions, which can be as basic or as fully-detailed as you want. The only limit is your imagination. If you see an idea you like, rec it, because that will likely be a major factor in deciding with which ones we go forward - if there are enough good suggestions,. I'll collate the best and we can have a run-off poll next off-day. But for now, just have at it and brainstorm whatever Diamondbacks shirt you would want to see. We'll sort it out from there...