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The Week in Diamondbacks Tweets

The draft happened, and so did a bullpen meltdown - while another was narrowly avoided.

@stephycakes714, via Twitter

Tweet of the Week (draft section)

Tweet of the Week (draft section) (rapidly deleted division)


#Oops. Mandatory social media training incoming in... 3... 2...

Honorable mentions


Honorary mentions (non-draft section)

Guess who the "he" is in the next Tweet?

Eerily prescient Tweet of the Week - this was from SUNDAY, please note...

The Games in Diamondbacks Tweets

Diamondbacks 5, Rays 0

One immediate Jake Lamb home-run later.

Diamondbacks 3, Rays 6

However, this was a pretty dull contest. Matinee games are always tough: tedious losses even more so. I had to send out an open plea for this one: here are a selection of the replies:

And then there's this, which is the point at which I officially gave up.


Diamondbacks 6, Marlins 8

Diamondbacks 5, Marlins 3

Diamondbacks 6, Marlins 0

The bullpen does the Simba thing...

Diamondbacks 3, Dodgers 2

The Week in McCarthy Tweets