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Diamondbacks 3, Dodgers 2: Greinke beats up on old team kinda

Zack Greinke gutted out 7 innings, and Brad Ziegler houdinied the hell out of the game, and the Diamondbacks win a game at home against LA.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

There was some sort of story going into this game. About someone facing a former team or something or other. Maybe it involved bugs? I dunno. Let's get to the recap, maybe it'll come to me

The Dodgers, because they're butt from another butt and not the good kind, scored first on a Justin Turner double in the opening frame that scored the lesser Seager (what up Mariners twitter! Unless you like him also. THIS IS HARD OKAY I DON'T HAVE GREAT SOCIAL SKILLS) David Peralta, starting in Center, took a route to the ball akin to a three-flies-up player losing it in the sun when the thrower shouted "JACKPOT DEAD OR ALIVE". Not saying a better, more natural Center Fielder would have gotten to that ball, but... I might be saying that. I dunno.

Former Diamondback Mike Bolsinger returned to Chase Field, I assume that's what all the hullabaloo about this game was. In the first, he let Paul Goldschmidt do this, probably because Goldy seems nice and Mike wanted to be like "Hey, here's something."

Goldy broke the tie between him and Jake Lamb for the team homer lead. Jake Lamb decided in the third to tie that up again. Paul Goldschmidt and Jake Lamb in a revival of Annie Get Your Gun doing Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better will win all the Tony's and make Hamilton look like a pile of crap.

Corey Seager, probably cause I made fun of him a few paragraphs ago, hit a solo shot in the fifth to tie the game up. Justin Turner almost made it back to back, but Peter O'Brien robbed him of a Home Run.

Yeah you read that right.

The good guys retook the lead in the fifth when Jean Segura singled home Nick Ahmed. Segura also had a really good defensive play to save a run wherein he ran very far into center field to catch it over his shoulder. The only reason it saved a run was because a line drive was hit towards Yasmany Tomas and since there's no replay I can find, I give you this visual representation of the play:

Paul Goldschmidt had another Home Run in the sixth! Except not! It was overturned on replay after a challenge showed it juuuust went on the wrong side of the foul pole. Anyone watching could figure out that was the case after one, maybe two, views of the replay. But the replay booth, probably scrambling to change tabs from their binge of Bojack Horseman to the game, took a fair bit of time, but it was eventually overturned and Goldy took a home run trot for nothing, since he struck out later that at-bat.

Greinke got through 7 innings with 119 pitches. It seemed like he might not be long for that inning when he allowed a hit to Howie Kendrick, but after a Chase Utley fly out and a mound visit he buckled down. He got Seager, who had been pwning him all game, to fly out and struck out Justin Turner to end the threat.

Greinke's final line was 7 IP, 2 ER, 7 Hits, 6 Ks, 2 BB. Pretty good.

Daniel Hudson relieved him in the 8th. After getting Adrian Gonzalez to pop out, he walked the bases loaded. This brought in Ziegler earlier than anticipated. Ziegler struck out Kiké Hernandez, and got Howie Kendrick to fly out thanks to an AMAZING DIVING CATCH BY MICHAEL BOURN TO SAVE EVERYONE'S ASS.

After an eighth inning that saw nothing for the Diamondbacks, despite the Dodgers using three pitchers and wasting my damn time, Ziegler came in to finish the Dodgers off.and he got three groundouts to complete the five-out save!

Source: FanGraphs

Of Worth: Ziegler (+51.2%)
The Opposite of Batman: Hudson (-22.6%)

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Tomorrow night Archie Bradley takes the mound, and that's usually interesting.