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SnakeBytes 6/11: Cellar Dwellers Edition

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MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at Chicago Cubs
Godley’s expression says it all
Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Last Night's Game

Bour's Grand Slam Powers Marlins Past D-backs

D-backs Tyler Clippard Frustrated After Loss

You don't say?! More significant is that Clippard had terrible career numbers against Bour, Hale said that he knew Bour would likely pinch hit there, and he still brought him in. Despite the fact that he had Zac Curtis ready to go in the bullpen. He also let Corbin walk the bases full, so that when Clippard was facing Bour there was no place to put him. "I figure he's due" only works in the movies. Not, by itself, a fireable offense, but yet another really bad move in a season that's been pretty full of them.

Diamondbacks News

Duplantier "Ecstatic" to Join D-backs

I'm guessing he hasn't been watching too much baseball this year, then.

D-backs Giving Thumper Peter O'Brien a Long Look

Hale: Peter O'Brien Will Play Every Day

Diamondbacks Not Giving Up

These three articles clearly have a bit of a contradiction. A team that still believes they have a realistic chance can't really afford to run a no-glove, one-skill bat player out there 5 of 7 days. Yet again for Dave Stewart, this is a case of actions speaking louder than words. The FO knows this year is over. If O'Brien can show he has something for the future, or show that he has enough of a bat to be worth something in a trade, it's worth the 3-4 strikeouts a game.

Diamondbacks Draft: Picks Have Tremendous Upside

Around Baseball

Bartolo Colon Made History Last Night

He now has the most career plate appearances without a walk. Guess which pitcher came closest to walking him? Shelby Miller. The screenshots in the article show that his mechanics were out of whack by the end of last year, so this isn't really a case where the D-backs messed him up. Instead, it's a case of why TLR and DS chose to give up so much for a pitcher who was already breaking. That certainly is a fireable offense, but TLR might have the safest job in the major leagues.

Looking Ahead

Fernandez Faces D-backs on a Winning Roll

The Diamondbacks counter with Zack Godley. Wondering why you should bother watching? Personally, I'm wondering if the panels are open, if Giancarlo Stanton could hit one out of Chase Field. Seriously, though, the Diamondbacks weren't bad against Fernandez in Miami, scoring 3 on 6 hits in 5 innings and making him throw 99 pitches. And Godley started his career last year with wins over Fiers, Iwakuma, and Fister, who are certainly not on the same level as Fernandez, but aren't chopped liver, either. Here's hoping he pitches like he did last year, and like he has for most of this year, and not like he did in the spring.