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2016 MLB Draft: Day 2 Open Thread

Eight more rounds of the 2016 MLB Draft take place today. Who will follow Yerzy into th

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After the excitement* (note: "excitement" may require pick in the top thirty) of the first day, things should settle down on Day Two, as we go through rounds 2-10. Coverage today is entirely on the MLB Network, so you can follow along there. As yet, the Diamondbacks have stuck to position players, taking an outfielder and a (hopeful) catcher in rounds one and two, so we'll see if that trend continues. High-school pitchers are reportedly the "undisputed strength" of this draft, and the very young age of the catcher we picked makes me wonder if we will perhaps be looking to build for some way in the future.

Trying something new in this thread. The widget below SHOULD show you a timeline of the feed from MLBPipeline's Twitter account - if not Diamondbacks specific, it may well contain bits and pieces that are of interest as we go through the rounds.

Diamondbacks picks

Links go to the SnakePit articles on the players selected, where available.

We'll continue to update this piece intermittently, as the D-backs make their picks, and will be back at the end of the day with a round-up.