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Welington Castillo leads Arizona Diamondbacks in All-Star voting

Bet you didn't see this coming, but Beef has received more votes thus far than Paul Goldschmidt.

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

The first set of results for the National League All-Star Game roster were released today, and probably unsurprisingly, it looks like Petco Park is going to turn into Wrigleyville Southwest on July 12, with five Cubs currently on track to be starters for the senior circuit. That includes virtually the entire infield, with the sole exception of the catcher's position, where Yadier Molina is on pace for his nine-hundredth consecutive career appearance. Okay, it would only be his eighth, but it seems a lot more than that. The Cubs' first-baseman, Anthony Rizzo, currently leads all players in votes, with 874,471, ahead of the Nationals' Bryce Harper.

Only two Diamondbacks are currently listed in the results, which cover the top five at each position, save for the outfield where the top 15 are listed. Paul Goldschmidt is going to be very hard-pushed to repeat his election to the starting line-up from 2015, with his slow start helping hold him to fourth-place thus far. His 217,186 votes are less than a quarter of those polled by Rizzo, and he also trails the Giants' Brandon Belt, and the Dodgers' Adrian Gonzalez. Perhaps surprisingly, more thus far have gone to Welington Castillo, who is also in fourth-place for the catcher's spot, with 249,159 votes. He trails Molina, St. Buster of the Flowers and former Diamondback, Miguel Montero, now with the Cubs.

As usual, there are some stupid voting patterns to be found among the early going. Montero's inclusion would be one of these, considering he has been worth 0.2 fWAR thus far, ranking 20th in the National League at the position. Molina is likely over-rated too, being seventh. Amusingly, Chris Herrmann is second among NL catchers.... Despite his disappointing early form, Goldie is still actually top at his position. Can't really argue with the lead of Ben Zobrist or second or Kris Bryant at third, though Corey Seager leads the league at short, and isn't even ranked. But how the hell is Jorge Solar, hitting .202 with a 79 OPS+, sixth among outfielders? Man, those Cubby Blue-tinted glasses are strong this year.

Be interesting to see how things go from here. If Goldschmidt continues to rebound, I think he'll pick up more votes, though as noted, I doubt he'll be able to catch Rizzo. A little surprised Jean Segura isn't getting some love at second, especially considering he led the majors in hits for quite a while - though at least all five players listed there are among the top 10 at the position by fWAR. And, of course, no love for rookies like Jake Lamb, even as he leads the team in fWAR and trails only Goldie in bWAR. Maybe we need to wait for the right-handed platoon voters to show up...